Friday, October 16, 2009


UB was complaining of his chest hurting on Wed. night. His asthma has been pretty bad due to the weather. By late Wednesday night, he had a fever of 101. During the middle of the night, it had gone up to 102. I gave him a breathing treatment and a dose of Tylenol. By the morning it was at 100. I called and made him a doctor appointment.

When UB woke up at 1 am, I had a hard time going back to sleep, so I stayed awake. Praying about everything and anything. I think I dosed for a while then woke up at 7. Hubster's alarm had not gone off so off I went to get him up. While making him breakfast, I noticed the temp on the fridge was not correct. The items in the fridge were sweating and they were getting warm while the items in the freezer were defrosting. I started to take the stuff out of the freezer to put elsewhere. Then I put the stuff in the fridge in the freezer.

I called the repair guy to come see what was wrong with the fridge. I was tempted to just unplug and then plug it back in. But someone, no names (Hubster) told me not to. I should have just listened to myself.

It brought me back to the days of when I used to travel as the training supervisor for Wal-Mart. When I'd get all the new equipment unloaded and put in it's proper spots, I'd have to start it up. When the main office equipment wasn't working, and after I tried everything I could (including unplugging then plugging back in) I'd have to call in to Network Support. The only problem I had with those people was that they were computer knowledgeable people. People that I couldn't really understand. Literally.

Their first question, always, was "Is it plugged in?" Hmmm, well, I would have never thought to do that. Seriously, what kind of question was that? Duhhhh

So I would have to pretend to do what the person was asking me to do. But since most of the times I couldn't understand them anyway, it really didn't matter.

They would tell me to plug it, unplug it, move it to another plug, change chords and on and on. Crazy stuff that after wasting 2 hours of my time, they would come to the conclusion that I had originally called in with. The equipment was defective and I needed a new one.

Well, yesterday, when the repairman showed up, he started removing all the panels. Checked everything possible with the gadgets and could not find anything. I should have just unplugged it while the fridge was out.

After an hour of no answers, he reset the control panel and left. Wouldn't you know it, it started working again.

On the bright side, my fridge is as clean as the day I bought it.

It seemed overwhelming during this time. Dealing with the stuff laid out all over my kitchen and every space imaginable; dealing with calling places to find grout for my shower; dealing with making sure UB was OK; dealing with cooking all the food I had in my fridge so that it wouldn't spoil; dealing with trying to clean the house so that no one else would get sick.

But then Hubster came home and told me a story of a person he knew. A sad story. I thought I was having a bad day, but this story made me realize that my issues were petty. So I made the best out of the situation. Loaded everything back into the fridge, washed the dishes, mopped the floor and did only what I could.

My fridge situation was not bad after all. So what that I had to clean it. So what if I had to actually cook something. So what if I had to sweep and mop what seemed like 20 times just to clean up the mess on the floor.

Going back to UB. The Doctor said that he had the flu. Prescribed him some tamiflu and off home we went. But not before I picked up some cheap Chinese for Hubster and myself.

UB never whines, gripes or complains when he's sick. He'll do his usual kid griping but nothing major. I had no clue his throat and ears were hurting. Or that his head throbbed. He is a quiet sick kid. Unlike the other one. The other one can have a hurt finger and it's the end of the world.

So today I will do nothing. At least in my mind I will do nothing. But in reality I will tend to a sick child, wash load after load of laundry, spray Lysol on all of us, and wish that I could take a nap to make up for my lack of sleep for the last two days.

All is good......

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Shannon said...

ugh! the flu? I hope the rest of you guys all stay healthy.