Monday, December 31, 2007

Year in Review

January: Had a huge ice storm. I drove into the ditch that is in front of my house and now am not allowed ( by the boys) to drive on ice.

February: The boys tied some boxes to the back of the little tractor to take 'rides' in.

March: While Hubster got the red dirt ready for some sod, UB took advantage of the comfortable ride and slept while daddy worked.

April & May: Boys went fishing with daddy and AB caught a saugeye. They also caught lots of othe fish that they brought home so that we could eat. UB was more interested in playing with the rocks at the water line than waiting patiently for the fish to bite. Teenster graduated high school and AB finished kindergarten.

June: A beautiful rainbow reminded me of God's promises.

July & August: Lots of fun on the trampoline. Visits to friends & family down in Texas.

September: Get togethers with family. Mud baths were the main attraction for the month. AB started 1st grade and UB started Pre-K.

October, November & December: Busy months. Visited family. Celebrated holidays with loved ones.

I hope you remember your favorite moments from 2007 as we head into 2008. I pray that each one of you has a wonderful and blessed New Year!
From my family to yours, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Sunday, December 30, 2007

God's painting

This is the beautiful senset that I get to see everyday outside my front door. God sure does know how to paint, doesn't he?

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Brotherly Love

AB:"Give me back my Lego's"
UB:"I had them first"
AB: "But they're mine and I want them back." grabs them from UB.
UB:"You're a dumb moron"
AB: "Mom, he just said I'm ?!!?."
UB: "OK, I"m sorry, you're not dumb, but you are a moron"

AAAHH, at least he apologized.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Cinnamon with a twist

This is Cinnamon. Cinnamon likes to do stuff that drives us crazy. This is Cinnamon trying to get warm inside our house. Here is her story.
This is Cinnamon's nice comfy cozy house. Keeps the dirt and wind away. Keeps her warm when it's cold and dry when it's wet.

This is one of three blankets that are supposed to go inside Cinnamon's house. She drags them out of her house to the front of our house. Every evening, Hubster goes and gathers all the blankets and puts them back in her house. But by the next morning, they are back all over the yard again.
This is the chair that she prefers to sleep on. It is 28 degrees outside and still she sleeps on this chair. She is guarding her house as well as ours from this nice and comfy chair. The chair that doesn't stop the wind from blowing dirt on her or the rain from getting her wet.
I'm sorry!Do you still love me?

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Let the lego adventure begin

The boys got some Lego's for Christmas and they needed help building them. Daddy had to go back to work so I helped. We built both sets. Each had over 430 pieces. I was starting to see double by the time I finished Underwear Boys. But the ships got built and they played with them a little last night.

That is how I spend my afternoon yesterday. Making my boys happy by building their Lego ships. There were so many pieces that I dreamt about Lego's invading my house last night. Wait, that's already happened.

When you come to our house, you'd better have shoes on or else the tiny little Lego's will invade the space in between your toes. And if you decide to wrestle with the boys on your knees, you might want to wear knee pads or else you'll have a tatoo of a Lego piece on your knee. Don't worry if you kick a Lego piece under the couch, it will eventually be found by the vacuum cleaner.

I need to get a sign at our door that reads:
"Warning, enter at your own risk. Lego invasion occurring"


"If you want to enter our house,
be prepared for a joust.
The Lego knights are all around,
waiting to get you on the ground.
So don't be afraid to come on in,
your Lego adventure will soon begin."

Quick, open the door before the alarm goes off!

I am notorious for setting the fire alarm off. When it does go off, the alarm people call me to see if I need them to send the fire dept. Thankfully, so far the answer has been no. Although, there have been a couple of times when they couldn't reach me and they called the fire dept. for me.

The boys don't like the loud sound and therefore do whatever it takes to prevent it from happening. Nothing like listening to an alarm that sounds like a freight train going through your house.

I was making some Mexican food for hubsters office. My food doesn't burn, but the sensor to the smoke detector is very sensitive to steam. And you can't make good Mexican food without a little steam.

So while I was making the food, the boys were doing school at the bar. When they heard the sizzle in the pan, Adventure Boy quickly tells Underwear Boy to go run to open the back door while he ran to open the front door.

While they go open doors, I am standing underneath the smoke detector fanning the steam away with a dishcloth. Then AB goes to get the little fan from my bedroom to point directly up towards the smoke detector. We go to great lengths around here to stop the alarm from alarming. Maybe hubster just needs to de sensitize it or something.

But no alarm went off and my enchiladas, rice and beans turned out good. At least I thought so.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Brothers racing

Here is what the boys got for Christmas. At first, we thought that Underwear Boy was going to need training wheels because his feet don't touch the bottom without having to tiptoe. But he proved me wrong. Now, he has daddy start it for him, he sits on it and says "launch me daddy".

Adventure Boy is a natural. He got his first dirt bike for his 4th birthday and someone stole it last year. What low life steals from a child?

I stay inside because it just makes me nervous to ride. AB is now doing tricks. Like standing on his seat, doing the spider man, and other stuff. UB is trying to do it, but knows not to.

They had some friends over last week and the friends got to ride these dirt bikes. The friends live on the other side of town in an area with lots of trees. We don't have any trees. These friends went home that day and told their parents that they needed to sell their house and move closer to our house in an area without trees so that they could buy some dirt bikes.

The simple logic of kids.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Isn't that just clever!

While I was cleaning my car yesterday, I overheard the boys talking about a dump truck. Adventure Boy wanted Underwear Boy to wear his helmet and buckle it up. Underwear Boy said he would wear the helmet but didn't want to buckle it up. This argument continued on until Underwear Boy told Adventure Boy to stop 'arassing' him.

They continued to talk about the dump truck. Adventure Boy said he would get in it and Underwear Boy said that he would use the controller to make it go. The only dump truck looking thing we have around here is UB's power wheel tractor that has the bucket in the front.

Starting to get curious as to what is happening, I peak around the corner and this is what I see.

This is the dump truck they were talking about. Adventure Boy tied the rope around the basketball goal and then tied it to the so called bucket. He even had some extra rope on there so he could pull himself up and down.

This is the so called remote that Underwear Boy said he was in charge of in order to make the bucket go up and down. Notice the tape around this concoction. The controller even has a switch.

I quickly took inventory of all the extension chords. I was sure those boys would use one to power up this thing.

The ingenuity they have amazes even me.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

What's the going rate for the Tooth Fairy?

For those of you that asked if the Tooth Fairy came to visit Underwear Boy, the answer is yes. The Tooth Fairy at this house pays well for the first tooth, $5, but after that, the price goes down to under a $1.

The Tooth Fairy at this house is quite proud of the first lost tooth.

Before bed that night, while tucking Underwear Boy in and giving him a good night kiss, I saw that he had his tooth in a baggie and had the baggie towards the middle of the pillow. Normally, that wouldn't be such a bad idea, but when your child sleeps on the top bun, it makes it quite difficult to reach up and grab the package in order to make the exchange.

I told him to move it towards the side closest to the floor. "No mom, it has to be in the middle under my pillow". I was already wondering how the Tooth Fairy was going to reach up there.

When it was time for the Tooth Fairy to make the exchange, she reached up and found Underwear Boy sleeping soundly with the package wound up tightly in his hand. So now the TF had to figure out how to get it out without waking him up. Tiptoeing as high as she could, because the wings were broken that night so she couldn't fly, she reached in with one hand to remove the package and with the other hand stuck the money in his hand.

It was a little difficult for the TF, but she's a woman, she handled it well and with only a few minor bruises from the rails of the bunk bed.

He woke up and found the money then came to our bedroom and said proudly, "mom, dad, the Tooth Fairy came and left me a dollar, but that's OK because I only wanted a dollar." Hubster and I look at each other because I knew that it was more than that. I look and ask him what number was on the bill. His eyes got big and said "5". Still not understanding the whole concept of money, he says "It's a dollar with a 5 on it. I have a dollar 5."

Maybe I can exchange the 5 for a 1 and he won't know. Just kidding!

Yes, it's hard to believe that he is only 4 and already losing teeth. As a mom, I keep telling myself that he's still too young, but the dentist said he was right on track. But maybe also as a mom, the realization is hitting that my baby is not a baby anymore.

What is the Tooth Fairy, if you believe in it, or what are you giving for teeth when they fall out of get pulled out of your children's mouth?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Will the tooth fairy come to my house?

My baby lost his first baby tooth yesterday. It made me realize that my baby is growing up. They grow up so fast. When he went to the dentist, the dentist told him that his bottom two teeth were loose. Yesterday while in karate, he told me that his bottom tooth is wiggling. He wiggled it with his finger just to show me it’s true.

While Adventure Boy was in karate, Underwear Boy was sitting on my lap wiggling his tooth. He said that the tooth fairy was going to visit him that night. When AB was done with karate, UB approached him and showed him his almost out loose tooth. AB grabbed it and out it came.

UB came running to me with a huge grin and blood all over his face saying that the tooth fairy was coming to his house that night. When I asked him where his tooth is, he informed me that AB lost it when he pulled it out.

I walked over to the crime scene and asked AB where the tooth was, he shrugged his shoulders and casually told me that he didn’t know, it fell somewhere on the floor, but did I see that UB’s tooth was out because he pulled it out for his brother. Never mind that sentimental, pack rat mom didn’t have her baby’s first lost tooth.

It didn’t even bother them that the tooth was lost. AB was just proud that he helped and UB was glad his loose tooth that the dentist told him would come out finally did.

But someone had the tooth and they gave it to me. Now sentimental, pack rat mom can put it away in the drawer that has all the other memories and what nots of the boys.

Underwear Boy was quite proud of this new hole in his mouth. He showed everyone in the waiting room at karate and everyone was nice enough to make nice comments. UB even asked if he looked 'cool'.

We went to run an errand after karate and while I was paying, I notice a gentleman glaring at UB. I look over and UB is showing him his missing tooth. Not saying a word, just doing this.

The man apparently didn’t care too much for the show because he was not too happy. I wanted to give him an ugly look and tell him to chill out. I kept my cool and told UB to stop harassing the NICE man because it looked like HE didn’t want to be bothered.

Then I gave him a nice mommy grin and left. Don’t mess with my baby mister!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The moods of Underwear Boy

Underwear Boy has been a little like us women……hormonal. I’m not sure what the proper way to say it for boys is, maybe testosternal? Whatever it is, UB has it.

He’s got seasonal asthma and this year’s seasons have been real doozies. He had a cough for several weeks. Not so bad during the day, but pretty severe at night and when he played. He never complained about being sick. He just went on with his daily orneriness.

After several weeks, I decided it was time to see the Dr. I figured if I was overreacting, the Dr. would tell me. After being examined, the Dr. concluded that his asthma was still hanging around and his small airways were a little blocked.

He prescribed a medicine that he has to take two teaspoons twice a day. Needless to say, this is making him extremely moody. One minute he’s happy and laughing, the next he’s crying. Sounds like his momma. Poor kid.

On Sunday, as we were getting dressed to go to church, he was happy. As soon as it was time to tie his shoes, he started to cry. Saying he didn’t want to go to church, he just wanted to stay home.

In the car, he’s fine. Still sucking those fingers and while he’s doing that he’s happy. When we get to church, he starts to cry again. We persuade him to get out of the car and we proceed inside. While walking inside, hubster and I are trying to make him feel better.

Me: You like going in your Sunday school class.
UB: No, I want to go in Ms. Maggies
Hub: But you have so much fun in Ms Melissas.
UB: No I don’t, we just play
Me: You get to do crafts in her class and you like that
UB: I only like to do crafts on Sunday’s
Hub: But today is Sunday
UB: I mean only on Tuesday’s

He’s still crying when this is all over. Hubster was teaching so he leaves to go to class. I am still trying to console Underwear Boy and trying him to get in his Sunday school class. Surprisingly, I have some patience. I ordered some up that day. Actually, I think I’m feeling guilty because I didn’t take him to the Dr. before he got this bad and now feel like it’s my fault.

I inform Ms Melissa about what is happening and then bribe UB with some candy to go in his class. By this time he’s laughing with his friends. All is well!

Until the next mood swing.

Monday, December 17, 2007

What movies are good for kids?

Today we are a going to talk about how you decide what movies your child should watch. This requires some participation from anyone reading this blog.

In case you forgot what "participation" means, it comes from the word "participate" which means: to have or take part or share with others. So sign in with your nickname or your real name and "participate".

Of course, I could just be writing to myself because I"m not really sure if anyone reads my blog.

OK, now that I've got that out of my system, let's start.

What type of movies do you allow your kids or nephews, nieces, grand kids to watch?

For example, my kids are 6 & 4. There are just some movies that we don't allow them to watch. Anything rated R or PG-13. Even some PG movies are a little strong. Hubster and I base it on what content it has.

Back when I was growing up, mom used to allow us to watch movies. I don't even remember if we had PG-13 back then, but the rated R movies were nowhere in content as the rated R movies are now.

I'm not trying to shield my kids from life issues. But I would like them to stay innocent as long as they can.

The problem is when they have friends over. My kids get harassed (not bad) about not being able to watch PG-13 movies. But Adventure Boy will sometimes tell them that God doesn't want them to listen to movies with bad words in them. Go AB!

We had some friends over and the 9 yr old wanted to watch a certain PG-13 movie. Hubster knew the content it had. This 9 yr old said that it had some sexual content in the movie, but it was OK because it wasn't much. They did however say lots of bad words and it was violent.

After hubster decided that we would not get that movie for our boys to see, even if it was a popular one, our friend told this little boy that they preview the shows first to see if it is proper for him to watch and then allow him watch all types of movies.

So what do we as parents, grandparents and such preview? How strong the sexual content is? What is appropriate to let these kids see? A naked body? Two adults naked in bed? Where do we draw the line?

What about the words that are said? If they don't say more than 10 "F" words it's appropriate? Or if only 2 people get beheaded then it's OK? I just don't understand.

Everyone will raise their kids the way that they see fit. We will continue to raise ours the way God wants us to.

And no, we are not holier than thou. We are just trying to do what's right for our kids.

So what is your opinion? Remember, PARTICIPATION.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Wal-Mart + low prices = ipod

Why does it seem that Wal-Mart is the topic for many blogs? I'm serious, if you google walmart, I'm sure you'd find lots of stories about them.

I have another one for you. I don't like to go to Wal-Mart, but yesterday I had to get some things that I could only find at WM and not Homeland.

Adventure Boy knows how to read, but prefers not to. When we got to Wal-Mart, he proclaimed loudly "mom, look, it say low prices. That means we can get ALL our stuff here because the low prices will save us money"

Underwear Boy just said "yeah, and it also says no smoking".

Teenster let Adventure Boy borrow his game boy. While at WM, he was playing this game boy then said, "well, since I don't have an ipod, I'll just listen to this game boy as an ipod." So he walked around Wal-Mart with this game boy on his shoulder next to his ear. He was even doing that little walk. You know, the one where your knees bend and take small hoppy steps because you are listening to "music" all the while bobbing your head.

AB saw the ipod shuffles and this is how the conversation went:

AB: mom, it's "only" $78, you can get it for me
ME: $78 is a lot of money. I don't have $78.
AB: just put it on your credit card
ME: I don't have a credit card
AB: yes you do, put it on that thing you use
ME: that's a debit card that takes it out of your checking account
AB: but mom, remember what the sign says"
ME: no, I've lost some brain cells since then
AB: It says low prices. So this is a low price. Can we get it and use the credit card?

Do you reckon I use my debit card in front of them way too much?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Adventure Boy's Christmas list

Adventure Boy is 6 going on 16. He wants everything electronic for Christmas. He thinks Santa is bringing him everything he asked for. Boy is he going to be surprised when that doesn't happen.

His list consists of an xbox, playstation, wii,electric guitar, laptop, drum set, computer games, ipod, and various other items. Do you see a pattern here? Nothing on that list says less than $10.

Hubster wanted to get the boys a video game console so that they can have something to do with their friends. I said, "let them dig holes in the back yard and find horny toads with their friends". We ended up getting them a used console of some sort. I think it will do the job and maybe when they get older, as I will, I might consider getting them something that I know they won't break.

Adventure Boy knows people with an ipod. When he is around these people, thanks Barb, they let him listen to their ipod. He is rockin' and rollin' and thinkin' that he's getting one little ipod for Christmas.

Yesterday while on our way to karate, I hear humming from the back seat. That is somewhat rare because I usually hear fighting. I look in my rear view mirror and see some headphones in AB's ears. I turn around to get a better view. Yup, sure are earphones in there.

I ask him what he's listening to since he was humming AND had earphones. He says "nothing mom, I'm just pretending I have an ipod."

Well, at least he's using his imagination.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

How many ways can you use tape?

Yay! I finally finished my Christmas shopping. I decided to wrap some presents for the boys while they were over at my friends house. The only problem is that I forgot that finding tape (of any kind) at my house is impossible.

The boys use tape on everything. They build structures of some sort with tape. We used to have electrical tape, masking tape, paint tape, scotch tape, duct tape (wait, that's what I use on the boys) but now there is NO tape.

I find it everywhere. On their dressers, on action figures that are being taped to the top of a hot wheel, on drill bits to make them longer, on anything these boys can get their hands with.
As you can see, the top item is a paper towel cardboard with some sort of car knob or something taped to the end with electrical tape.
The bottom is of two paperclips joined together in matri-tapy to live happily ever after as a couple.
Hubster and I have even almost fallen down when masking tape has been used as a trap in our bedroom to keep unwanted visitors out. I'm just wondering why it doesn't keep the boys out.
After looking a while for tape, I remembered that I just bought a new pack and I hid it.
But where did I hide it? I know I put it someplace safe from little boys, where might that be?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The boys have been fighting since yesterday. I blame it all on the weather. It's always someone or something else's fault, never mine.

Adventure Boy uses his karate skills on Underwear Boy, but not to fear because Underwear Boy knows how to bite and pinch hard. Thus starting the he hit me, he bit me, he started it first saga.

I wait until they both start to cry then they get in trouble. I won't tell you what I do to them. All I can say is that if that law that they are trying to pass in that weird state ever passes here, I'm in big trouble. But I do threaten to tape them to the wall, hang them on the ceiling fan or even tie them to their beds, but none of that ever works.
Adventure Boy was having a stripe test at karate. The way karate is done here is that every month they get a black stripe on their belt. After three black stripes they get a red one and after the red one they receive their next belt. AB is only a white belt. Yesterday he got a red stripe and because it was red and not black he wanted me to take pictures.
During the testing, one little boy was going to get his gold belt. He was told by the instructor to break a board with his foot. All the kids in the class were watching with much intensity. The little boy did it. He broke the board in half with his kick. It was neat to watch. Of course we moms are like "I bet they broke the board a little before they let him kick it".
Well, that brought Adventure Boy to a whole new level of adventurness. All he could talk about was how he was going to start practicing on breaking a board with his kick so that he could do it on the first try at karate. (The little boy took 3 tries)
While he was showering, I heard a noise in the shower. He normally hits the bathroom wall because it's a fun noise (I'm guessing here). I tell him to stop and to my dismay I see he is practicing his kick in the shower.
I can only imagine how many holes we are going to have in our walls while he attempts to practice this move over and over until next month.
I'm thinking that today Hubster and I will have to go buy a supply of boards just so that AB could leave our walls in one piece.

Don't make me karate chop you!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Does this coat make me look fat?

I'm a little late posting today. It's still cold outside. But at least the ice is gone. The boys actually let me drive today.

I like the cold weather. The only think I don't like are the heavy coats. Nothing like wearing an extra 10 pounds to the already heavy body. Feeling like a sumo wrestler.

The boys don't like this weather. Adventure Boy wears sleeveless shirts during the summer. So what do you think he wants to wear when it's 28 degrees outside? Yep, sleeveless shirt.

On Sunday, it was 28 outside and he was determined to wear his sleeveless shirt(to church) with a long sleeve shirt on top, because he couldn't get it through his head that the ice on the sidewalk and weighing the trees down meant that it was cold outside. It's only ice you know.

After much persuasion, he wore a regular shirt with a long sleeve shirt on top. Then came the dilemma with the coat. He wanted to wear a hoodie. I really don't think he understood the concept of coooooold by this time.

He has a heavy camo jacket, but Hubster didn't want him to wear that to church. He brought his heavy coat that has two jackets in one and makes you look like the little boy with the red rider bb gun.

He was arguing that the coat was too heavy, that it was too hot, that it was in the way. By this time, I just tuned him out. Freeze if you want boy!

We arrive at church and he does not take this coat off. He says it makes him warm. HMMMM!

After a while, he starts complaining that he can't breathe. I tell him that if he took off his big heavy coat, he'd probably breathe a lot easier. No mom, can't do that, then I'll be cold.

After much persistence on my part (because I'm just such a nice mommy) and heavy whispering of "well then stop complaining about not being able to breathe" he decided to take his coat off.

"Wow mom, I can breathe now" he said

How much longer until spring?

Monday, December 10, 2007

What do you mean I can't drive on ice?

Winter is finally here. It started on Saturday when it was a cold and dreary day. Misty rain and a high of 42. Woo hoo. These are days that make you want to just stay home and snuggle under your blankets to watch The Hallmark Channel, while your kids tear up the house because they can't go outside.

We had a brunch for the ladies at our church Sat. morning. As I was driving there, I turned on a road and was singing along to KLOVE when I noticed a police car coming the opposite direction. Force of habit and I tap my breaks. I didn't even realize how fast I was going. He quickly put his lights on and I just pulled over to the side of the road to pull out my drivers licence and insurance while he made a u turn to come behind me.

I knew I deserved a ticket. I think I was speeding but can't be really sure since I didn't look at my speedometer. If I was speeding it was 10 miles over.

He came to get my stuff asked me my correct address and said he would be right back. I then realized that I didn't even lower my radio. I just kept singing along.

He came back after a couple of minutes and said he was not going to issue me a citation, I just needed to slow down. How nice was that!!

It reminded me of how God gives me mercy and grace especially when I don't deserve it. I didn't deserve to be let off the hook, but the guy gave me a break.

On Sunday, it was pretty icy at our Little House on the Prairie. We didn't make it to Sunday school, but we made it to church.

Let me back up a bit. Last year we had that terrible ice storm. One of those times, Hubster was out of town and after a week of isolation I was ready for some sort of adult contact and didn't want to cook. I loaded the boys in the car and told them we were going to McDonald's. Even that sounded good and I'm not really a McDonald's fan.

I forgot that I don't know how to drive on ice. Our house if up a ways from the road. If you go to the house from the road, you go up a couple of little hills on the driveway. So if you go from the house to the road, you go down the hills. Get it?

I backed the car up out of the garage. So far so good. I noticed the 3" of ice on the drive, but totally ignored it. I drove down the drive, down the hills never putting on my gas. The car went down on it's own. When I stopped at the road, the car continued to go just a little so I turn the steering wheel so that I could turn left. But the car didn't cooperate with me. It had ideas of it's own. It kept going straight. Next thing you know, I'm in the ditch across from my house. I sure made it far.

The kids were scared but I tried to reassure them that nothing was wrong. What could possibly be wrong? The car was in a ditch with the right rear tire up in the air.

I called Hubster, like he was going to be able to help from where he was. He called some guys from the office to come help me. While waiting, my neighbor came by and started to attempt to pull me out. Then a whole crew of guys from Hubster's office came to help. They were excited because they were able to get out of the office and play in the ice.

They all helped pull me out and then it was time to go UP the driveway. They had to pull me with with a chain because the hills just weren't allowing the car to go up. Stubborn car.

Then they pushed me up into the garage. I parked the car then decided that I'd be staying home until Hubster came home. The guys asked if I needed them to get me anything, I said no while my kids were yelling from the back seat, "McDonald's please mom". I still said no and the guys went back to work, but not before playing in the ice. But see, I got my adult contact. Ha Ha.

So back to Sunday. While Hubster was driving, the boys were remembering how mom got stuck in a ditch and how mom doesn't know how to drive on ice. Then they proceeded to tell daddy that he needed to give me ice driving lessons. They still laugh about it.

I write stories about how my boys do crazy things and they make me laugh. It wouldn't be any fun if I didn't laugh at their expense. I suppose it would be OK if they laughed at me when I did crazy things. At least they know that mom can't drive in ice and snow and they sure aren't getting McDonald's during that time.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Sweet dawg

Do you like her "guard her" belt?
This is what I call a redneck garter belt.

The boys decided they were going to dress up Cinnamon just a little. Amazingly she just lets them do what they want with her. She kept this contraption on until I decided she had been a good sport long enough.

I've been pretty tired with Hubster out of town. It seems like I always have extra work to do when he's not around. I wonder why!

The boys have been good. For a change. Cinnamon has been ornery. Must have been pay back from the belt issue.

I spend a good amount of time cleaning the mess she had made outside.

She has a nice comfy house on the back porch. This house has 3 nice and warm blankets that are supposed to keep her warm. For some reason, she takes all the blankets out and drags them out all around the house.

Hubster says this makes us look like white trash, but I beg to differ since I'm Mexican. I can think of many other things.

Each blanket is set up in it's own primitive location due to the way the sun shines. She has to sunbathe and just goes from blanket to blanket during the day.

I still have pumpkins outside that I need to make more pumpkin bread with. But I guess I won't anymore, because Cinnamon has been placing them as decorations around her blankets.

I had left a cooler outside and forgot about it. I don't know why, it's not like I have much to do around here. As we get ready to go to karate, I notice that she had dumped the cooler over and there were several water bottles that I had failed to get out of the cooler. She got a hold of them and was having a drinking party at night. These water bottles were everywhere. All chewed up and the lids were unrecognizable.

Dogs are just like children. Wanting attention and doing whatever just to get it. She looked at me with her big brown sad eyes and I couldn't help but love on her. Sweet dog.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

All I need is some gas people!

Contrary to popular belief, women are NOT the ones that don't know what they are doing.

Upon seeing that my gas tank had a little light on to the left of it, I looked at my screen and it told me that I had 5 miles left to go until I ran out of gas.

The thought of walking to the nearest gas station with three boys, somewhere along the way I picked up a kid, just does not appeal to me.

I approach the nearest gas station and see that all 3 pumps (small in -neighborhood convenience store) were busy. I pull in behind the car that has no one in it, because my thinking is that they have gone inside to pay. I should stop thinking!

I do notice a group of 20 somethings around the front of the store. All boys, all talking nonsense to each other. As I pull in behind this car, I notice two boys coming towards that car. I'm thinking all is good. I should really stop thinking!

This guy goes to his car and start pumping the gas. HMMMM. I patiently, annoyingly, wait for a little while. All the other pumps still have someone pumping gas into their vehicles.

I turn off my car so that I won't run out of gas while waiting for pretty boy to decide what he wants to do, because by this time, he's walking back to talk to his friends, then decides against it and comes and sits inside his car to groom, but not before he adjusts. (if you know what I mean)

At this time, I see a car leaving. I hurry up and turn my car on and zoom over there so as to beat the little old lady that I see eyeing that spot.

I open my gas tank, fill up my car and pretty boy is still sitting in his car while his car is being filled. He then walks back into the store and comes out carrying a case of cokes. He proceeds to sit back in his car. By this time, my car is full and his is still filling up. I don't quite understand that because he's got an old ford Taurus that doesn't look like if it can hold more than 5 gallons.

Oh well! I just drive off and think that people have it all wrong when they say that we women are indecisive. And then I decide that I'm going to start thinking again, so there!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A cup is a cup

This is the back of a motorcycle.

This is what Underwear Boy uses to drink water out of and to rinse his mouth out after brushing his teeth. Underwear Boy and this item have a special bond.

Can you find this object in the first picture?

Monday, December 3, 2007

Can we pleeeeeaase watch a movie on the camcorder?

I think the weather, days with fluctuating temperatures anywhere from 37-7o degrees, have made the boys wilder than what they are.

For example, Adventure Boy wakes up early. By 7 am every day. Doesn't matter if he goes to bed at midnight, he's up by 7am. The rooster sets his cock a doodle doo by AB. Not only does he wake up early, but he's got his full energy throttle set in from the moment he wakes up to the moment he falls asleep. One day I'm going to figure out how to bottle up all that energy and makes millions.
Underwear Boy likes to sleep in. 8 or sometimes 9 am is when he wakes up. UB likes his sleep.
He wakes up sucking his fingers and "plotting" to see what he can get in to.
AB has learned how to light a match. Scary. This morning, while I was trying to wake up and not having had my intake of caffeine in the form of a coca-cola, he is walking around the house trying to make the house smell good by lighting every candle that exists in this house.
I also have an oil lamp and he turned that on. I soon got a headache from smelling spicy, sweet and other smells around my house.
UB decided to play with my industrial sized mop bucket and tried to use it as a cannon. Apparently, the mop handle makes a nice cannon to ram into the wall. Good thing I caught him in time. Otherwise, I'd have to explain to Hubster why there is a big hole in our almost a year old wall.
AB wanted to record all the "fun" things that him and UB do and so he charged the battery to the camcorder. After 5 minutes of being plugged in, he asked "Is it ready yet?" This continued for the next hour. That blasted thing was dead. There was no way it was going to be ready in 5 min.
After an hour, I told him he could go get it. For the last 3 hours it has been sitting on the coffee table in our living room recording the TV. They want to "watch" TV on the camcorder before bed tonight. (deep sigh)
Before AB started recording, we went to the Toy Shop. The Toy Shop is a non-profit place here in town that provides free toys to needy families for Christmas. It is a very good thing.
So we went to go pack some boxes with toys for some families. We had a 7 yr old boy and a 4 yr old boy on the list. Good idea, I thought, same ages as mine. These boys will know what those boys would like. We start loading the box full of toys that the kids said they would like. They both liked scooters and one wanted a football and the other a soccer ball. We got those things. But then I was informed by an older lady that 4 yr olds don't ride scooters. I put my hand on MY 4 yr olds head and said "He's 4 and he loves riding his scooter" She said "Don't take this the wrong way, but 4 yr olds shouldn't be riding scooters". I guess I won't tell her that he got the scooter when he was 3.
We put one scooter back and then we were also told that the 4 yr old couldn't have a soccer ball because then they wouldn't have enough balls for all those older kids. I guess this 4 yr old little boy is just not going to get what HE wanted this year. Maybe his older brother will share. We did throw in a couple of extra cars that he wanted AND a cool spy kit.
I was just informed that the camcorder ran out of life. I'd better go charge it so that they can "watch" TV on it tonight. I sure don't want to disappoint them. Ha Ha

Friday, November 30, 2007

Can I go to the store in my pajamas?

"But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed."

Luke 5:16


While usually running around in underwear, lately he's bee wearing pajamas (they are part of the chlothes category) AND I think those socks are from his daddy's drawer.

I'm not really sure, but I'm thinking that Underwear Boy is a little cold in this house.

What do you think?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

When you give a mouse a second chance

"But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret will reward you."
Matthew 6:6

The Father is waiting to hear from you.
We live out in the country on ten acres.

With the ten acres come lots of critters. Small and Big. Like....coyotes(that Cinnamon thinks are her friends), wild turkeys, deer, gophers (that eat up my telephone line) and mice.

Yup, the mice are here trying to get out of the cold. So they try to camp out in our garage.

Cinnamon usually catches them and "plays" with them until she kills them.

Hubster found one on Sunday afternoon and set the traps (you know, those sticky mouse pads).

On Monday morning we had a little friend stuck to the pad.

I was still in my bedroom but I could hear Adventure Boy trying to get his dad to let the poor mouse go. I mean, after all, he was still moving while stuck on that trap.

I guess AB won because he came in happy and said the mouse was gone.

Great, I can't wait to see it again.

Wednesday found another mouse on a different trap. I think it was the same mouse, but what do I know.

AB found it and was telling me the he was going to let it go. I told him no, it just needed to DIE.

Boy, was I a mean mom then. "Mom, remember that this is God's little creature."

OK, so how do you argue with that?

So I said, yes, but it's part of the food chain and it would be dead anyway if the snakes were out or if the hawks were flying around looking for food. Besides, I don't like mice, I don't want mice.
I came in to finish making lunch and AB comes in to get 'something'. I ask what it is "my tweezers mom, so that I can take the mouse off the sticky part"
I kick him outside, minus the tweezers, and he goes to save the mouse.
He comes running in to tell me he took the mouse off with a stick and put it in a safe place so that dad could see the mouse when he came home from work.
When dad comes home for lunch, he proudly tells him about the mouse he saved.
When we go look at the mouse in this special place AB put him in, we find the mouse..............dead!
Seems that AB thought the mouse would stay put and not run away under a plastic container.
It stayed put alright.
One mouse down, ___ more t0 go.
I just don't get it. The boys say it's not OK to kill the mice, but they sure do like to squeeze the guts out of toads.
What's wrong with that picture?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Please mommy, can we make a tree forest?

"Yes, you will lie down and your sleep will be sweet."

Proverbs 3:24

That seems to be one of my biggest problems. I wake up in the middle of the night and start thinking about all the things that need to be done, or weren't done or just worrying about things. Three hours later, and no sleep yet, I realize that if I just lay everything at the foot of the cross and pray, I'm OK. That is when I relax and go back to sleep.


Adventure Boy and Underwear Boy had been bugging us to put the tree up. But we were all not feeling the greatest on Sunday and just wanted to rest.

So Monday, we went up to the attic and pulled down the tree.

I know, it's just tragic that we don't use a real tree.

Oh well!

So we bring down the tree, but not before Adventure Boy sees this small 3 ft one he says needs to come down as well.

I tell him that he can put it in his room if he wants.

No, he wants it in the living room next to the other one.

My OCB husband is just looking at me like "get that thing out of here, it is not going to look proportioned with the already small looking tree"

You see, we have 9 ft ceilings, but the tree we put up is only 6 1/2 ft. So there is loooooots of room between the ceiling and the top of the tree.

Doesn't look proportioned to ME.

So AB moved the smaller tree to his room, but decided he didn't like it there because he found out that Santa would not deliver presents to his room.

He thinks that by putting two trees together, he will get MORE presents.

But he saw yet another little tree up in the attic and now wants to put it next to the other ones to create some sort of tree forest.

The small tree started off with NO ornaments because I told the boys we would move it later. But I guess later never got here because now there are ornaments on the small tree as well as the bigger small tree.

Today the other tree is supposed to join these two.

Maybe I can read them The tale of Three Trees.

Oh well, it's all for the kids anyway. We'll see how long OCB husband will allow the trees to stay where they are.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Is that an icicle hanging out of your nose?

“And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:19

Isn’t it wonderful that when you call on God he will meet ALL your needs, not just some, but ALL. So why not call on him right now?
We don’t like to be hot in our house.

During the summer, we keep the air at 70 and sleep with the ceiling fan AND a regular fan.

Even the boys have gotten used to this. Although, I think theirs is more for the noise the fan makes. It just helps drown out the noises happening outside.

During the winter, we try not to turn the heater on because then it gets too hot.

I know, we are weird.

Since we still don’t have our fireplace hooked up yet, that is not an option.

So we wait until it gets REALLY cold in order to do anything about it.

The boys usually just walk around with blankets around them and sleep with 9 blankets on top of them. Not only do we still not turn the heater on, but the fans continue to blow.

When the inside of our house starts looking like this. Or when the boys start dripping icicles out of their noses, then we know it’s time to turn the heater on.

Our thermostat said 60 and the boys teeth were shattering every time they talked, so we were nice enough to turn on the heat to 66. Hee Hee

I’m sure it’ll get back up to 70 outside soon, then I can turn my heater back off. But I guess that since it’s been below freezing at night, we’ll keep it on. I just might have to turn it down to 65. Ha Ha!

Monday, November 26, 2007

The 4 wheeler and the kids

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."
Philippians 4:6

This past weekend was a time that we all used this verse.

We got to my sister and brother in laws house Wednesday night. A loooooooong trip because we had 2 men, 3 women, and 7 children with one of those being a 3 month nursing child.

Thanksgiving day started off as any other day. The turkey and ham were in the oven, the kids were running up the stairs so that they could slide down head first. Or running down the stairs trying to race each other.

We women started to cook some of the food, but we didn't have much to do because my organized sister in law had whipped everything together the day before and all we needed to do was just stick the casseroles in the oven. No one had any idea how convenient that would later be.

The kids got bundled up to go play outside in the cold and damp 31 degree weather. But they didn't care how cold it was, they were going to ride 4 wheelers.

They had been out for about an hour when I decided to go take pictures.

Each of the three men out there had two kids each. One in front and one in back. I didn't have a good feeling about this. I had already told my man to go slow.

About 2 minutes after they all had gone into the woods on the 4 wheelers, I hear a man's voice loudly yelling.

I turn to look and it is one of my brother in laws-Dan. My first thought was that they were playing a joke on me. The only one I saw was Dan. No other sounds or voices.

I looked up to the house to see if anyone is up there then look back at Dan. He's coming out of the woods yelling "my arm, my arm came off and I had to put it together, I need to get to the hospital"

I of course don't have my glasses and can't see too far. I start picturing him without his arm and his arm on the ground somewhere. I yell up to the house for Mindy to call 911.

Dan is holding his left arm close to his body with his right arm. Yelling "I need to get to the hospital, my arm, my arm is broken off and I need to get there"

By this time, I could tell he was in shock. His face was awfully white and he was talking continually. Some of it not making sense.

I walk him around the front of the house to wait for the ambulance. He continues to walk down the road. I call out to him and he says that he sees the hospital and he's got to get there. I walk over to him and bring him back home.

Mindy is worried about the food, the kids are all freaked out and terrified that their uncles arm is going to have to be cut off or something, the men are still out back with the 4 wheelers trying to get kids off and everything back where it belongs.

Dan is still yelling painfully and still trying to walk to the hospital. I tell Mindy that she probably just needs to take him herself. So we load Dan in the car and off they go.

The ambulance did show up about 5 minutes after they had left.

Dan had a boy in the front of the 4 wheeler and a girl in the back. While they were riding, the boy wanted to go faster and put his hand on the throttle making it go fast on a hill. This caused the 4 wheeler to lose control and fall on top of them.

Somehow Dan caught this monster toy and the kids were OK. But his arm got caught and snapped.

The Dr's told him that his arm was broke in two between the shoulder and the elbow and that it was just laying there. He stayed there to wait for the surgeon. Mindy came home to eat the meal that she had prepared but we had somehow managed to cook.

We ate, loaded up the kids and went to go see Dan. The kids needed to see that he was OK. That he wasn't going to die or lose an arm.

He had surgery Friday. They put a plate in his arm and had to pack it down with some bone from the bone bank. I didn't even know such a bank existed.

It was a Thanksgiving that I'm sure no one will forget. It was a wonderful day despite the accident. We sure had a lot to be thankful for.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Are we there yet?

"Then they brought him a demon-possessed man who was blind and mute, and Jesus healed him, so that he could both talk and see.
Matthew 12:22

Isn't it wonderful to know that Jesus healed the man right then and there. He didn't wait to put him on a prayer list then to take it out 3 days later and say "oh yeah, I've got to pray for this man". So we should be like Jesus and don't stop at the praying part, we need to take it a step further.
We are getting ready to go to Loren's sisters house in St. Louis Missouri. We are meeting up with his other sister and his brother in Tulsa then following each other the rest of the way.

Loren is pretty excited. Well at least he WAS excited until he got sick. I'm really not looking forward to driving 8 or more hours while he's sick. That's all I'm going to say.

The boys are still excited. Zach is even coming with us. That's a shocker because now that he's 18, he doesn't want to go places with us. I wonder how he'll feel an hour into the road trip when he realizes there is NO mute button to quiet the boys.

The boys packed their own bags and here is a description of what they packed. We are going to be gone 3 nights and 4 days.
6 underwear
4 pajamas
4 white t shirts
3 boxers
4 shorts
5 jeans
too many to count shirts
lots of socks to count as well (some don't even have the pair, I can hear them in the drawer saying 'don't forget me')
a BOX of toys filled with Lego's, action figures and can't forget Thomas the Train
a sleeping bag
a blanket
2 pillows
the entire collection of DVDs

This is just from one boys suitcase. The other boy has the same amount of stuff plus a little more.

Maybe I can leave them up there for a while. They have enough stuff :)

I on the other hand haven't packed a thing.

Because I'm a procrastinator and I work better under pressure. I'm sure that I'll be packing until the wee hours of the night getting ready to leave bright and early the next day.

Usually our road trips take a turn for National Lampoons Vacations, so I'll keep ya'll posted.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Who keeps shutting my door?

"That's why I urge you to pray for absolutely everything ranging from small to large. Include everything as you embrace this God-life, and you'll get God's everything."
Mark 11:24

When I pray, I usually pray in general. But God wants us to pray for specifics. It doesn't matter how small the thing is you are asking for, that is what he wants to hear.
Seven years ago, we bought a front load washer and dryer. They are wonderful. I especially like them because I can let my laundry pile up and then wash lots at one time.

When we first bought them, we lived in a house that had the laundry room as you walked in the garage door.

I noticed that the water would set on the back of the washer door. So I would leave the door open a little just so that the inside could get dry.

I just had ideas of mold and gunk hanging out inside my washer waiting to take over my already dirty clothes.

But as I would leave it open a little at night, by the morning the door was closed all the way.
Some little washer fairy would visit my house.

When we moved into a house that had it's own laundry room, I thought "Great, now I can leave the door open ALL the way and not have to worry about Loren shutting the door"


I would open the door WIDE after washing and "someone" would shut it. I really thought I had left the washer fairy at the other house.

Just the other day he approached me and said he read or heard somewhere that we need to leave the door open to the washer because mold and stuff could "hang" out there.


Then my friend was telling me that her husband had been getting headaches and sinus infections. This started about the time that they went to go "mud out" some houses when some towns flooded earlier this year.

Their shower had been leaking and there was mold growing behind the walls. She kept telling him to tear down the shower so that they could redo it, this would stop his headaches.

Months passed, he decided to go to a "specialist" because we wives are not "specialists".

What do you think the DR. told him? Yup, he's allergic to mold!


Can anyone tell me the moral of these stories?


Saturday, November 17, 2007

What's that on your lip?

"In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express."
Romans 8:26

I read this in a book "God hears more than words. He listens to the heart". That's so true. When you don't know what to pray for, God knows. We just lost a member of our church. She lost her battle with cancer. I don't know what to pray for. I don't know what to say, but I know that God knows how I'm feeling and He will work through me.

Well, Fall is officially at my house.

How do I know?

No, definitely not because of the weather. Oklahoma weather is so unpredictable. We're still in the 70's during the day and we reached some 30's at night. We still have a couple of days left that we'll hit the upper 70's where we can still wear shorts, then without warning, we'll be wearing our coats with our shorts.

Two reasons fall is here.


I have a HUGE hon kin' fever blister the size of a softball on my bottom lip. I always get those when the weather changes.

They look soooo nice on me too. I can't wait to let my friends see my new accessory!!!

Second reason.

Noah's asthma is here. He's got seasonal asthma, but it stays for a while. Poor kid is either drugged up, having breathing treatments or lathered with Vick's.

It actually is scary when your 4 yr old is trying to breath to no avail. He just never complains.

Underwear boy is taking a break right now. But I'm sure that when he feels better, he'll come back with full force.

So be prepared everyone.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Empanadas anyone?

We made some empanadas the other day. Yummy! For those of you that don't know what they are, they are baked turnovers filled with something sweet.

I fill them with sweet potato because that's the only way my boys eat sweet potatos. But you can fill them with pineapple, cherry, strawberry or whatever else floats your boat.

So gather up your ingredients, and your helpers and let's make some.

First, you clean off your kitchen countertop.
Then you gather your ingredients :

For the dough
3 cups flour
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 cup shortening
12 TBL water

whatever you want. I open a can of yams, add some butter and brown sugar and microwave it.

Mix your dough and make small balls.

Roll out your balls to flat round tortillas. (They can be crooked tortillas)

Put filling in the middle of each tortilla.

Then you break up fights because your kids want to use the dough balls as weapons to knock each other down.
Then you make sure that the tortillas they are making are free of snot, fur (Noah says he has fur and not hair, just like the dog ), and dirt from when the dough ball accidentally fell on the floor.
And you don't put the above said tortillas in your batch to bake.
You roll the tortilla over the filling and seal the edges. Prick the top of the turnovers with a fork to allow steam to escape. Or else the turnovers will blow up in your nice clean oven.
Bake them at 350 degrees for about 15-20 minutes or until browned.
Entertain kids by letting them eat raw dough and using dirty used snotty, furry dough as play-doh.
Wait until the empanadas (turnovers) are cooled off before you bite into them. See all the yummy stuff inside?
"I'm coming pretty little scrumptulous empanada"

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Glow with me

The boys found a some glow sticks that I had bought when they were on clearance after Halloween.

I should have never bought those things in the first place.

They opened them up after lunch. We still had some school to do so I asked (told) the boys to put them away until after school.

AB decided to hide his in his pants and play with it while doing phonics. I've already mentioned that he's ADHD so this is actually not a good idea because all he can concentrate is the glow stick.

After telling him twice to put it away, I become the Hulk teacher during the third time and grab it and throw it on the floor.

This turns ON the stick and OUT comes the drama. Girls aren't the only ones that can turn the drama on.

During our trip to karate, UB decides he wants his on as well, so I oblige.

Everything was going well until UB started complaining that his tongue was burning. I asked what he had done -"nothing"
I asked where the glow stick was -"here"- in it's full capacity stage glowing brightly.
I asked again what happened and he answers with his mouth full of saliva
"I on't no. I only oot i ongue on e ick."

Grab some tissues and spit it out boy. No blood, no eyes bulging, he's fine.

We get home I make dinner and while washing dishes I notice there is blue glowy stuff leaking on my counter top. Well, UB had bitten this thing ( I guess it look like a sour punch straw) and had bit a hole in it. I wasn't told because he knew he'd get in trouble.

Then AB confesses and says that while biting his green glow stick (he's trying to sharpen his teeth like dogs do) he busted his as well.

On the couch.

So the moral of the story is, if you get your kids glow sticks, make sure they are edible or made out of medal.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's my Anniversary and I'll cry if I want to!

Happy Anniversary to us! Happy Anniversary to us!
9 years ago I married my soul mate.
I'm sure there were people that didn't think we would make it this long, but 9 years, a couple of gray hairs(not very many), some added inches to our slim physiques(maybe some pounds), two children(seems like 4), and many happy days have made these some wonderful years.

OK, so now here is a prayer that I found in a newspaper.

Dear Lord,
I pray for Wisdom to understand my husband;
Love to forgive him;
And Patience for his moods.
Because, Lord, if I pray for strength, I'll beat him to death.

It's just a joke people, lighten up! I'm sure he says the same prayer for me.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My tan is darker than yours

"What is faith? It is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen."

Hebrews 11:1

Have faith, God will answer your prayers.


We call Isaac our little Mexican boy and Noah our little white boy. We can say that because I'm (for all the technical people out there) Mexican-American and Loren is indeed a white boy.

Isaac is by no means dark complected, but he has a nice olive color that people seem to go pay big bucks for at the tanning salon. In the summer, it turns darker.

Noah just burns. Doesn't tan. Just burns.

Well, yesterday in science we were learning about genetics. I was trying to explain to them that brown eyes were dominant over blue eyes, just like theirs were brown like mine and not blue like their dads.

Isaac says "Noah doesn't have as brown eyes as me. It's because he's not as much as a Mexican as me."

Noah pops up and says " No, I'm a white boy!"

So I have to come in the conversation and explain how they are of mixed breed (in friendlier terms of course).

Isaac then says "Yes, but I'm actually white underneath this tan. I'm just waiting for this tan to go away, then I'll be white."

Poor kid. I guess I should tell him that the only thing white he'll ever have is his hiney that never gets any sun.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Man's best friend

"O God, let me sing a new song to you."

When your prayers always seem to be the same, sing a new song. Just worship God in a different way. Find bible quotes or words from worship songs. Just praise Him!

My boys always leave trails behind them. Like when they come inside and start taking their shoes off, then socks, then UB boys starts taking his pants and shirt off. The clothes is at the entrance of the laundry room, but not quite inside the laundry room.

Then they can't remember where they leave anything. So they start asking, "mom, have you seen my shoes?" And my comment can't be anything less than "well, last time I was wearing them I left them outside for the dog to play with"
Most of the times things just stay where they are when they stripped. I really don't think they notice me standing there while they throw their clothes on me as if I'm a coat rack. I don't think they notice me when they start looking for stuff and don't remember that the coat rack got dressed with their clothes.
I don't even think they would notice me if I were to drop dead in the middle of the floor. They would just walk around me or over me or rather yet, use me as a trampoline.
I think the only time they would notice me or anything about me is if I'm dead on the floor and they start smelling something bad. THAT would be the time that they would probably look down and say, "mom, you stink" and just go about their merry way.
At least I know Hazie would notice me because she would think that I'm laying down to play with her.

Yo quiero mi mama!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Adventures of Underwear Boy!

"Every good and perfect gift is from above"
James 1:17

UB is one of the wild boys. But his sweet innocent look with those big brown eyes makes me melt all over.

For the last couple of days UB has been doing some crazy things. For example, when I go check on the while they are playing outside,
I ask UB "Why is Cinnamon's back all wet?"
He says "Because I tee-teed on her?"

I guess he asks because he wants to test me to see if I know the correct way things happened?
I do have eyes behind my head you know, and besides moms know everything.

So then I ask UB "Why is the little dog wet?"
He says "Because I tried to give her a bath?"
"With what?" I ask because the water hose is not squirting water
"With my kool-aid mom" man, I guess I don't know everything

I come back inside to try to finish the 10th project I've started for the day. When I hear UB come running inside the house running away from his brother.
"What's going on?" I ask
"AB is trying to get me mom"
At this point I know something happened.

AB comes running in and says "Mom, UB threw a screwdriver at me and hit me on the back"
UB looks innocent and says "I just wanted him to play with me mom"

I send them outside again. When I go outside AGAIN to check on them, the quiet outside is just not normal, I find them digging a hole and UB is trying to fill it up with his tee-tee. I guess even superheroes have to pee a lot.

I stay out for a while and read the newspaper when I look up and don't see UB. He disappears because he is a super hero after all.

I get up to go look for him and when I open the back door, there is wet stuff all over the floor. My first thought is that it's pee, but then I see UB walking towards me with no shirt on. This is the conversation that happens.
Me- "Why is this floor wet?"
UB - "Because my water spilled"
Me- "Did you clean it up?"
UB - "Yes, I had to use my shirt because that's all I could find"
Me - "Your good clean shirt?"
UB - "Duh mom, It's not clean anymore I had to use it to clean the water up so that you won't get mad at me"

Then this is pretty much the way the rest of the day went.
He broke something.
He tried to glue it back again with tape.
He harassed the little dog.
He tried to ride the big dog.
He threw his toys all over his room trying to find that one little toy that is on the bottom of the toy box.
He threw more stuff at his brother.

But the best part was when I was tucking him in and he had his arms around me and giving me kisses and hugs. When I tried to break free from his hold, he said "not yet mom, I still have 300 more hugs and kisses to give you"

Thank you God for my good and perfect gift.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Personal trainer for hire!

"Trust in God. Lean on your God!

Isaiah 50:10

The cows next door have been complaining of losing weight. They say that their personal trainer is working them like a dog. They say that they are not allowed to stand still for long periods of time. They even say that their babies are being told that they have too much baby fat.

Their owners have told them they are losing too much weight. They don't have enough meat on their bones for America to eat.

So the personal trainer has been fired and they are now on a high fat diet filled with grains, special fattening grass and what not.

Now there is a personal trainer that needs a job. Anyone need someone to make them work out like a dog?

She'd lick all your pounds away!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Scooby doo, where are you?

Pray continually.
1 Thessalonians 5:17
We went on a field trip this morning. While driving back home, I was behind a hearse that had the licence tag "gonhome". Then on the side of the window, it said "the land of oz hearse gathering".

This hearse was behind me at first, then it passed me, then it was in front of me, then I guess someone woke up in the back of the hearse, because it slowed down and I had to pass it.

Then I look back and it's gaining ground on me again. While it is passing me, it stays driving along side of me. I'm thinking that maybe it wants to go home with me, but I'm not really sure.

The driver and the passenger of the hearse were laughing and having a good 'ol time. I on the other hand, was not! I'm already driving 75 on the turnpike, but at that point I was willing to drive fast just to get away from the party hearse.

It finally finds an exit and I am able to go home (my home) safely. I thought that maybe I was in a scooby doo mystery.

Never fear..................UB is here!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The dentist

And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."
Matthew 18:3

Then innocence of children is very noticeable when they pray. They thank God for everything, from having a good day to the vegetable garden growing. My boys sometimes pray for the strangest things, in my opinion, but when I start to think about it, that is the way we need to pray.

We need to pray like children. They are all about honesty and simplicity. Maybe we need to think more like them.
We had a family dentist appointment yesterday. Sadly, Hubster and I hadn't been in years, but for the boys it had only been a year. I know that's still a while, but at least it hadn't been years.

We get there and since we had never been to this dentist, I had mounds of paperwork to fill out. Form after form of what I really couldn't understand. I was just making sure I didn't read words like - death, sell kids, display teeth.

We waited for over an hour for the dentist to call our names. The boys enjoy going to the dentist. At their last dentist, they got toys as a reward. So they were wondering what kind of prize they would get and maybe they could get two. They were also fighting over who was going to go in first.

When the nurse came out, I think she was shocked to see two little boys running to her and both asking "am I first?"

But no, it was me.

It wasn't a bad thing. My teeth are apparently in good shape. And the reason the wait was so long out there was that the dentist was actually doing the cleaning. I've always gone to dentists who have a hygienist do the cleaning and then they do the looking, but not here. He did both. I actually liked this because I didn't have to wait extra for the looking in my mouth.

The boys were after me and we ended with Hubster. The boys were extremely excited because they didn't get a toy, but they got something better. Stickers of course. And they each got a plastic colored bag that looked like a pencil holder, filled with a toothbrush, dinosaur toothbrush cover, toothpaste, floss, purple teeth coloring tablets AND an hourglass.

They were ecstatic and couldn't stop saying how this was the best dentist they've been to and wanted to know when they could come back. It's always nice when your kids enjoy going to the dentist. Wait until they grow up and the dentist has to use the grinder to clean their teeth.
That will be fun.

I think the receptionist was actually glad when we left. She kept looking nervously at us. These boys talk ---a lot! You can't get them to stop. They find something to talk about then they both compete over who is going to tell the story the loudest. Telling them to use a quiet voice doesn't work because to them what they are using IS a quiet voice.

They also kept jumping up to ask if it was their turn to see the dentist.

They were little mexican jumping beans.

There was one time when the boys went in to use the bathroom. Then a lady went in after them. BIG mistake. She came out and told the receptionist that the toilet was leaking because there was WATER on the floor. Hubster and I just looked at each other and knew right away.
That's when we both just wanted to leave. Isaac just looked at us innocently, but sheepish.

So it was no surprise when she was VERY HAPPY to tell us bye! Almost like, don't let the door hit you on the way out happy.