Monday, February 9, 2009

I didn't fall, I was just looking for something

Oh what a glorious day! No ice. No rain. No cold. Just a nice windy 70 something day.

A great day for jogging.

We had finished tests and I sent the boys outside to play while I walked/ran. I hooked up my pedometer to my pants, laced up my shoes, strapped on my ipod and off I went.

I turned on the music and I warmed up by walking. Enjoying the warmth of the sun but trying to stay erect from the force of the wind.

Up the hill and then down the hill. Breathing in then exhaling out. Faster and faster I walked to warm-up.

It was finally time to start my jog. One foot in front of the other, listening to good music. All is well, and then it happens.

My weak ankle didn't get enough warm-up and it turned on me. Knocking me off my feet and onto the ground.

I quickly get up and look around. Making sure that no one saw me make a fool of myself. Living out in the country does have it's advantages.

Coming to the conclusion that nobody was around when I gracefully fell, I pretend to be stretching (just in case someone is coming up the road) and check out my hurt knee.

No scratches, just a bruise starting to form. I give my ankle a lecture and continue on. Fighting against the wind, to finish what I started.

Ironically, the song that I was listening to said "Every time I fall" Maybe I need to start listening to "I will survive".

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MizFit said...

(is the ankle sore this morning?)
and you know Ill now have gloria gaynor singing in my head all day: