Friday, November 7, 2008

The boys and the family

My mom used to be a teacher's aide. When the teacher's would get new stuff, she would be given some of the stuff that was not wanted anymore.

At this time, I was attending college and studying to get my degree in Elementary Education. I was working at the time and the job offer where I was working, along with the pay offer was more impressive than a teaching job.

So mom kept all these things hoping one day I would use my degree.

Here I am, using my degree, but not getting paid for it with real money. But I do say, the benefits are better.

Anyway, I have these little wooden figures that come in sets. One set is of Community workers, another set is a family and another set is of farm animals.

Even though they are old, they have come in handy. The boys enjoy playing with them.

The other day, the boys had all three sets all over the dining room table. They had their own little village going on.

I was working in the kitchen and AB kept hollering at me to tell me that UB was being 'sick'.

"What do you mean 'sick'" I asked?

"Well," he says "he keeps saying that the grandma is going to marry the little boy. That's just sick mom, she's too old for him."

Hmm, I say

"And he says that the old man is going to marry the little girl. That's even sicker. Tell him to stop being grosse mom."

So I tell UB to play nice.

Later, I hear this from AB "My horse is going to poop all over your living room. Then he's going to pee all over your couch."

Evil laugh from both boys.

I just love living in a house with boys.

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