Monday, November 10, 2008

Well, how do you say it then?

The boys speak in two different, distinct slangs.

AB doesn't have one and UB has an Okie, Mexican slang.

Being from Texas, we say y'all, wanna, dontcha, yontoo and several more.

AB thinks he's from some upper class Okie area. He only speaks in complete sentences and corrects those that don't.

UB on the other hand, likes his slang.

He speaks just like the Okie's do. With a Mexican twist.

I try to encourage him to speak in complete sentences and use proper words because as much as I like my friends from Oklahoma, their hick slang is rubbing off on UB.

For example, people here say "I done did that" instead of "I already did that"

Or "let's go that a way" or how about "We done gone". Done is a very popular word 'round here.

And UB adds his hick language as well.

The sentence "The first man was Adam" is said in UB language "Thu fuirst ma-yn wus Aeedum"

With a strong Mexican accent finishing it all up.

So I guess I need to work on his English before he goes off to college because then he'll be telling his professors, "Y'all know I dun diyd thaut, so leut's go fiind the ma-yn thaut stole my horse. He dun goun and weynt that a way."

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Kari said...

I'm sorry too for having to comment this hear but whoever hacked into my system took out my entire contact list, so please send me your email addy along with lisa's, erins and Heather's. Anyone else you think I need. This has been an absolutely frustrating situation beyond belief.