Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Home, home on the range...............

I'm home!! I'm home!

Ahhhh, it feels so good to be home.

While we did have an awesome week, we were all ready to come home.

Emotions were running wild yesterday. All week long we were busy. Missing our families, but not really thinking about them due to the fact that we were busy all the time. Sunday got here and we were on home mode. We tried to go to sleep at midnight because we knew had to get up at 3am to head on over to the airport for our 6am flight.

I was thinking about being home with my boys and my man that I hardly slept those 3hrs. I wake up with energy thinking that I'll be home with my family that night, only to be told at the airport that we might or might not be in Houston that day. But for sure that we weren't going to be home until Tue. Emotions took over and added with the tiredness, lots of tears erupted.

The plane that was supposed to land on Sunday night didn't. It flew 3 hrs from Houston to Quito, Ecuador, but then headed back to Houston when they couldn't land because there was volcanic ash on the runway. Not many planes were there yesterday.

We prayed a lot. Individually and as a group. I think our group leader was tired of us women crying for no reason at all. I'm sure he was ready to get away from us cry babies.

We finally left Quito, Ecuador at 3:30 pm. We'd only been at the airport 11 1/2 hrs with little to no sleep. To say we were tired and hungry is an understatement.

The planes heads on over to Panama City to fuel up. We are there for 30 minutes fueling up then it's 3 1/2 hrs on to Houston. We arrive in Houston at 9:40 pm. God was taking care of us because we had no trouble going through customs and immigration.

We, along with the other 100 people from the flight that missed their connecting flights, wait for a shuttle to take us to the Sheraton hotel to spend the night. Finally, 3 shuttle buses later, we arrive at the hotel, get our rooms and go find something to eat. Nothing like eating a greasy jack in the box burger at midnight. Welcome home huh?

All went well this morning. Our plane left Houston on time, and made it home a little after 1pm. I was exhausted. I did have me a good nap though.

I am so looking forward to taking a hot shower in my own shower, and sleeping in my own bed.

So thank you to all who prayed for our safe return home and everything that went with it.

I will start writing about what God did this past week in Cayambe, Ecuador.

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leb said...

I'm so glad you made it home safe. I have missed our phone talking. welcome home friend love you