Monday, July 14, 2008

One more week until Ecuador and other stuff

I leave in exactly one week from today. It's almost here. We are getting 250 bags together with toys, candies and such to take and pass out. We are waiting for some stuff to come in and then we can finish the bags. The kids at VBS last week collected lots of toys for us to put in the bags.

One of the other ladies going has already got her bags packed. We were giving her a hard time because she's had this bag packed since last Wednesday. Not me. I'm the biggest procrastinator there is. I wait until the very last minute to get things done. I work better under pressure. Ha Ha I do have some stuff ready, but not my big suitcase. I'm getting my backpack ready with snacks. I've got priorities here.

The weather here has been strange. Hot and sunny some days. Hot and cloudy some other days. Rainy and humid on yet some others. UB's asthma doesn't know whether to hang out with him or just leave. It's like an uninvited guest, it just needs to leave. Anyway, we were working outside and UB spotted this rainbow. It was coming out through the clouds.

UB is explaining to AB that the rainbow means that it is a message from God telling us that it has already rained. AB is trying to tell him that a rainbow means that it's God's promise that he will never flood the earth. Needless to say, there was a big discussion about the rainbow and what God was really saying at this time.

But in the end, they both agreed that God is the one that made the rainbow and eventually UB said that AB was right. Brothers!!!!

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leb said...

I love that picture of the two of them. It is way sweet.