Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I can see 'clearly' now

I know I'm reeaally late in posting this, but it has been a 'clear' kind've day. And just because I'm me, I'm going to tell y'all about my clear moments.

The day started off good. I had a hair appt. this morning. All went well with the boys being there. No mishaps this time.

We then drive over to the Health Dept. to get the shot that I need for this trip. I inquire about it and the lady at the counter informs me that they only administer this type of shot on W,W & F and only on certain times. Oh, she says, you do realize that if it's for you, there is a price. Well, I had called a couple of weeks ago and asked about this particular shot. Remember, procrastination on my part. When I had called, the person on the other end of the phone told me that they do administer this shot and she told me the price. Nothing was said about certain days and time, but oh well. So yes, I said, I'm well aware that there is a price. Of course, under my breath I was muttering other things.

To the car we go. On to my favorite place in the world (sarcasm inserted here) Wal-Mart. I send AB to get a shopping cart, he comes back with one that had obviously seen better days. I send him to get another one. He comes back running like he's on Supermarket Sweep or something. He makes a sharp turn, barely missing the display of something in the garden center. I just give him the look, take the basket from him and continue shopping. No mishaps here either.

On to the swimming pool. The church is having swim days at the public pool from 1-3. We rushed over and I look around. I have never been to this pool. There are no chairs to sit on. No benches, no curbs, no nothing. Only the hard cement. Now, I'm no snob, but I'm not going to sit on hot cement for 2 hrs. I rush back have to get the chairs. My glutus maximus thanked me.

When we leave the swimming pool is when things started going clear for me. I'm thinking that I should have stayed there.

We come home so that the boys can change and get ready to go to karate. I had bought some sort of medicine for our trees. They are not looking too healthy. I start mixing the stuff with water and pour it down the tree. I finish and we load up into the car because we are already late. (No surprise there)

We come back from karate and we get into Hubster's brand new company truck to get some gas for the mower. I was mowing last night and I ran out of gas, so I had to push this riding mower all the way into the garage because no way was I going to push it up the hill into the shop. I was having a hard enough time pushing it into the garage.

We get to the gas station and I open the tail gate. I pull the gas container to the top of the tail gate. Don't ask me where things went wrong because I couldn't tell you. All I know is that the nozzle somehow got out of the hole of the container and when I tried to put it back in, silly me didn't shut it off in time. There was some gas on the tailgate of the truck, but somehow a lot of it got on my right arm. Gasoline, the new kind of perfume.

I go home and try to get the mower out of the way in order to clean off the gas off Hubster's truck. I get the gas container out of the truck and fill up the mower. I turn the key and nothing happens. I make sure all the buttons are where they need to be. Still nothing. I call Hubster cuz he's out of town. He says that maybe I forgot to turn the key off. I don't think so I said, but OK. So I go to my neighbors to see if they can jump me. He comes over with his cables and plugs them in. There are sparks happening. He says that it can't be the battery.

He sits on it to try to see if he can get it to work. As I'm standing there watching, I realize that I had forgotten to push the lever back that starts the blades. The mower won't start if it's not in it's proper starting position. I apologize for wasting his time, shake my head and get the bucket to start washing Hubster's tail gate off.

I get the hose and realize that when I was tending to the trees earlier in the afternoon, I had failed to turn the water off. At least my flowerbed won't need water for a while. The boys were floating some stuff in that water.

After I finish washing off the gas, I get on the mower. But I guess I forgot how to use it because it kept turning off on me.

Then I sit here to type my clear moments and start typing, only to realize that I wasn't connected. I had to start all over again.

I think I'm going to go put some kids to sleep and go wash off this lovely new perfume smell I have, then I'm going to watch a stupid show with people doing stupid stuff so that I can feel better about myself.

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BARBB said...

ahh...see us blondes arent the only ones with "moments"! :P