Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Enjoying the Wildlife Expo Fair

On Friday, we went on a field trip to the Wildlife Expo Fair. We had gone last year with a good friend of mine and her boys, but she has moved. So, I recruited Hubster to go with me.

This Fair is all about trying to get people to enjoy the outdoors via wildlife way. They have so much to do for the kids and it's all free. My favorite word.

We were able to see some awesome birds up close.

Hubster did all the stuff with AB. They shot pellet guns, shotguns, they went fishing did archery.

Hubster even caught a fish. Right before this little fish was caught, a kid to the left of Hubster had just caught a big catfish. I guess the catfish scared all the other big fish away.

Let's take a closer look at the poor little fish.

UB didn't want to do any of the activities. He wasn't feeling good and wanted to eat oreo cookies and peanut bars instead of playing. But he was happy.

AB even did some kayaking. By this time, the lines were unbelievably long. Every school in the area wanted to enjoy this free event. AB made me stand in line for an hour just to do this thing. AB knew he had waited a long time so he went around the little pond 3 times.

The boys all had a great time. AB even did the javelin throw and the buffalo patty throw. They saw bats, snakes, frogs, butterflies, a 105 year old turtle and a baby alligator. They learned about so many different things. The poison control center was even surprised when AB was telling them about his scorpion bite. They couldn't believe that he didn't have an allergic reaction to it.
It was a long, fun, exciting and tiring day. I'm ready to go again next year.


Kari said...

I'm not an outdoorsy person but this looks fun. I might even talk my hubby into going with you next year. Warn me way ahead in advance!

leb said...

wow what a load of fun. I really like Loren's fish. Congrats Loren

BARBB said...

How fun! i want to go!..but I would catch a bigger fish..heh :)

Gail said...

I wanna come too. I'm with Kari, warn me way in advance next year