Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A field trip to the Dentist office?

Hubster has had a toothache for a week already. But you know, he won't listen to his wife. So as the pain got worse, he was seeking wisdom from his wife.

Of course, I'm not a very sympathetic wife when this happens. I try to be, it just doesn't happen.

My first response wanted to be, "I told you", but I knew that would accomplish nothing.

So I looked at him and for the hundreth time, or what seemed like it, said "call the dentist".

We have a friend who is a dental hygienist and she called him on Monday morning to tell him to go in at 8:15. Hubster calls me and says he forgot his insurance card and the checkbook, could I please take it to him.

The joy about Hom schooling is that you can switch your day around and it will still work out. A little more stressful, but still not a loss of a day.

"Yes, field trip" said the boys. They always look for opportunities to consider something a field trip and this was no exception. The thought never crossed my mind.

We arrive at the dentist office and we sit in the waiting room telling Bible stories to each other and I even try to throw some phonics in there. I can't totally waste this day.

Our friend sees us and tells us to go see Hubster. The boys get excited when they see the chair leaned back with their dad in it. Along with what looks like a big screen TV on the side of the chair showing blow up pictures of their dads teeth.

The look on the boys faces is one you'd see if they were looking in a Lego store. They thought this was the coolest thing.

The Dr. was explaining all about the x-ray. Talking out loud and the boys were taking it all in. He then leaned Hubster's chair all the way back to look in the mouth. Both boys were wanting to see as well.

When we were leaving, the boys told me that this was a great field trip. This was science mom. Hmmm, didn't think of that either. UB even said that he wanted to be a dentist when he grew up.

We did go to the library to pick out some reading books and then it was back home to start lunch.

The boys were still talking about the Dentist office field trip and UB even made a Lego dentist office, complete with a man leaning back in a chair. He broke it before I could take a picture.

I hear people complain that we 'homeschooling people' have it easy because in public schools if they miss so many days, they can be called in the the authorities, but we 'homeschooling people' can miss a day and no one will know.

What these people don't know is that we 'homeschooling people' always try to incorporate what we are doing to learning. We go later on in the day if we have to, just to finish our work. We even make up our days on a Saturday if we have to.

There are lots of challenges to homeschooling, but when you can make a trip to the dentist office to drop off an insurance card into a learning experience, then it's all worth it.


Elizabeth said...

That's really cool Laura, I liked this one!! :) I like them all but this one was neat!!

Kari said...

Very good plug for us homeschoolers! We made it to school all morning, field trip to rehab hospital this afternoon and even visted a church member, ran errands and now we are back to school!

Lisa said...

Great story! Kids learn all the time through various life experiences. That's what homeschooling is all about.