Monday, September 15, 2008

Trying to carry on

We've been trying to get in the groove again of school. While some days its easy, other days, and what seems like most days, it's hard.

You see, AB is a strong-willed child. Maybe not as bad as a full blown strong-willed child, but he sure seems like it. Maybe it's just because he's a first born. Who knows.

He is 7 going on 21. He argues because he knows more than the teacher. He believes he is right all the time. While most of the time I just ignore it, this past week was not one of those times.

Constant arguing over silly things like brand of shoes. When the neighbor boy gets out of school. And then I would catch myselt in the middle of these petty little arguments until I would say "because I'm the mom, that's why I know more".

It also didn't help AB when UB would hear me make this comment and then he would tell him "just listen to mom, show knows this, she's the mom". AB would just look at UB and say "be quiet, I wasn't talking to you". The fight would break out and then the next thing you know, they were playing and laughing together.

As parents, we try to teach them to follow God's ways. The Bible is our handbook and we "train up a child in the way he should go".

The boys use my kitchen sink to wash their grubby little hands in. I find mud all over my sink and dirt all over my floor. One day, the faucet was left running. I looked at UB and told him that from now on, he needed to use his own sink in their bathroom. He looked at me and said "ok mom".

A couple of minutes later, AB walks up to me and says, "Mom, it wasn't UB that left it on, it was me. I'll start using my sink too."

I looked at this child and wondered who he was and what had he done to my son. But then it made me proud to know even though he argues with me, he still listens to the wisdom of his mother. At least I'll leave it at that, because I'm the mom!

Just kidding, I know he's listening to all those Bible stories from his reader and during devotion times. It just helps to see it as well.

When they are beating each other up and fighting over a toy that one had first but belongs to the other, I do wonder when they are going to learn. But then I go places and I hear nice things about them.

For example, I went to get my hair cut the other day. From previous experiences, the boys tend to get a little rowdy sometimes at the hair place. But I've learned that threatening them helps.

I'm kidding there. We walk into the place and one of the other ladies mentions that here come some well-behaved boys. I have to look around and wonder who she's talking about because surely, she can't be talking about my boys. My boys who were already in trouble by 10 am for throwing things at each other. My boys who were filling the sink with water to see if batman could float.

So I sit there and she asks how I get the boys to behave so well. She continues to say that they are very well-behaved.

As I sit there and try to think of some mommyxplanation, I look at her and say, "They are just great kids" Then I thank God for allowing me the opportunity to teach them and I ask for the wisdom to continue on.


BARBB said...

they are great kids with a great mom :)

Kari said...

That is too funny! Well hopefully we will have better weeks this week!