Monday, September 8, 2008

Where oh where are all the Chuck Taylor's?

It came to my attention that AB needed some new clothes. I just didn't realize how desperately bad he needed clothes. I also didn't realize that he went through the summer with only five pairs of shorts and one of them is too small on him.

Of course, I hadn't realized how much he's grown until I measured him last week and found that while he had only grown 1 inch in 4 months, he has made up for it by growing 1/2 inch in one month. Just last month.

He is now at the ripe old age of 7, 55 1/2 inches tall.

So off we went on Saturday to not only look for some winter clothes, but some shoes as well. His feet grow as fast as he does. Maybe even faster.

He had a particular shoe in mind. Converse All-Stars Chuck Taylor's, in red, and nothing else would do.

We went to the mall in the town closest to us. I thought, "How hard could it be to find red converse hi-tops when the majority of this little town owns some. I'm sure to find them quick because if those other kids have some, then obviously there are plenty around.?


We went to store after store after store looking for this one particular shoe. We found lots of Converse hi-tops, but none that matched the description.

UB found him some. He also wanted some with red, but he wasn't as picky. As long as the shoe had red on it, he was ok.

But AB was another story. We went to Sears, I like Sears because of the Kidvantage program, and found some clothes for AB. Success, but why couldn't finding shoes be the same way?

After walking through that little mall twice, we decided to stop and fill ourselves with sugar. After cookies, for them, and a cinnamon sugar pretzel, for me, off we went again to find the shoe that was hiding from us.
After a while, with Hubster getting impatient with my impatience over the fact that I couldn't understand why AB couldn't just pick a shoe, any shoe, we left the mall. Without shoes for AB, but UB was happy.
The problem we are coming across is that because AB is big for his age, he is at that stage where the kids sizes are too small and the adult sizes are too big.
Poor AB, I guess he'll just have to look at the shoes on the Internet and just dream of one day owning a pair of Converse All-Stars Chuck Taylor's in red.


Kari said...

Can you buy them online? Have you figured out what size he wears? You mean your little town doesn't have them? LOL! Just Joking, but if I knew what size I might be able to see if they have them here.

Elizabeth said... has all sorts of converse. That is where I used to buy mine. I missed your "Wordless Wednesday".