Monday, September 22, 2008

I love rock 'n roll

Somewhere in the last several weeks, AB heard a song. A song that he didn't know the name too, but was wanting to download.

A song that he only knew part of the tune to, and only the words, I love rock 'n roll.

I looked it up and realized that it was Joan Jett & The Blackhearts song.

AB was excited that I had found this song for him. But he kept correcting me when I said that the song said, "I love rock 'n roll, put another dime in the jukebox baby".

Him and UB know more than me so they told me it said, "I love rock 'n roll, put another diamond in the jukebox baby".

I had to have a referee, Hubster , to break up the argument between me and the lightweights.

Regardless of what the song said, they wanted it downloaded unto AB's mp3 player.

I finally found the song and proceeded to download it. Before I downloaded the song, AB was talking about how awesome a singer Joan Jett was and she had a good rock 'n roll song.

I told him that she was who Hubster and I listened to growing up. She was from the 80's along with other of our favorite rock 'n roll singers.

AB looks at me and says "Wow! That's awesome! Is she still alive?"

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Kari said...

We are getting toooooo old Laura! Wait till your hair is all grey and that with hubby out and about and they say, "Look at those grandparents with their grandkids!"