Thursday, May 7, 2009

Coyotes, snakes and cows oh my!

I didn't get to post yesterday because I had lots of catching up to do with my laundry.

Here's my food for Tue and Wed.
Tue: For breakfast, I had my usual bowl of blueberry oatmeal
For lunch I made some salmon patties. I usually add eggs and crackers but this time I just added flax seed and whole grain bread crumbs.

I thought it was pretty delicious. I had some veggies on the side and then some fruit for dessert.

For dinner, I had roasted chicken wrapped in a herb and garlic wheat tortilla and a sweet potato on the side.
Wed: For breakfast I had a bowl of muesli. It's so yummy. You have to try it.

I made this zucchini lasagna for lunch. I really liked it. Hubster said it was just OK, but he's used to eating heavy. This was not heavy but was very filling. I will post the recipe later.

For dinner it was salad at the church. I didn't eat much because it was lots of different cold types of salads. Corn salad w/chips, broccoli salad with lots of mayo, pasta salad with vinegar and ????, cornbread salad, Chinese cole slaw and fruit salad.
I did eat some but not much. I even ate the brownie that had no nuts. You know I had to be hungry in order to eat chocolate.
I hadn't gotten my run in for the day. Didn't make it to the gym early in the morning since UB woke me up at 3am to inform me that he had a bad dream and he needed to sleep with me. I of course am a mean mom and said no. I went back to bed but didn't get to fall asleep right away.
Anyway, after church last night I went for a jog down my country road. I ran for 2 miles and walked .7 of a mile. It felt good.
While I enjoy running out in the open air as opposed to an indoor track, I don't enjoy the little creatures that are out on the road. Trying to sabotage my run.
Coyotes have been spotted both on my front yard as well as back behind the house. Not just one little coyote. But a pack of about 6 in front and 2 in back.
I'm from a town where the mascot is the coyote. I'm just not wanting to become close friends with the coyote. A pretend one is easier to pet than a real one.
The other thing I have to watch for out there are snakes. They are out now, trying to get some sunbathing in.
Cinnamon goes jogging with me and I feel a little safer. I run down the hill and then hit a gradual slope up a hill. It seems to be going on for a long time. I make it to the top and see cows on both sides of the road. The cows on the left of me run with me and then run away. The cows on the right of me just look up from their dinner and moo. I'd like to think they are encouraging me. They are telling me "Come on and moooooove it mooooove it"
During my run, I hear the grass moving. I hear scurrying. Mice or some little creatures. Birds finding worms.
I get to the bottom of the hill and then there is yet another small hill to the stop sign. I make it over and back but now it's time to go back up the other way. Up and down the hills again. My legs are hurting and my butt is dragging but I push and push. All the while, the cows encouraging me again "Mooooove that booty, yooooou can do it"
I make it to the top of the hill and then back down again. I turn down a road and keep running. While running back down the road to head home, I see a snake in the middle of the road. I stop and look and stay still. Thinking that if I run, it's going to get me because I sure can't out run it. But if I just stand there, his friends will probably come out to play around me.
I realize the snake is dead. But it's weird because I had just ran by there and it was not on the road. You bet your pretty little head that this Mexican girl ran fast and hard to the house. I don't think I had ran that fast in a long time.
I can easily run 3 miles at the indoor track but it's a killer running 2 miles down these hilly roads. I'm just a wimp.
See y'all tomorrow.

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