Friday, May 8, 2009

A nature walk does the body good

The boys and I went for a little nature walk in the misty fog yesterday morning. I've got to say, that's the extent of my exercise for yesterday.

We were walking down the road from Hubster's office and were looking for birds. We came across this pretty bird. Have no clue what it is. The bird book doesn't tell me.
And we saw lots of Cardinals. It was fun to watch them play with each other. They just don't like to be approached. This is as good a shot as I could get.

While walking down this road, an audio tech van drove by us. He waved and continued down the road to the office. A couple of minutes later, it showed back up and stopped next to us. I started to freak out because I'm thinking, "I'm alone with two little boys, in the middle of nowhere with no one to hear me if I scream." Previous episodes of CSI came to mind.
He asked if a person lived down this way. Only the guy Hubster works with and his family live down that dead end road. I didn't know the name he mentioned and he wouldn't leave. I soon see another vehicle approaching and realize it's the man that works with Hubster, R, and his wife R. (I'll just call them R& R).
Anyway, I tell the van man to ask them. They stopped next to us and R tells him no one by that name lives down the road. Van man left and R&R stayed to talk to us for a while. They ask the boys to be on the lookout for wild pigs, bobcats and skunks. They proceed to leave to the office and we walk a little further.
The boys were spooked by this time and with the van incident and R&R telling them about the wildlife out there, we head back to the office.
It was a nice little walk and an adventurous one as well.
Yesterday for breakfast, because of eating that small portion of salad on Wed night at church, then going for a run later that evening, I was starving.
I had 2 egg whites, 2 slices of turkey bacon and a whole grain English muffin. It sure filled me up.
For lunch, I made some chicken tostadas. I had lots of leftovers in the fridge and needed to get rid of them.
Tostadas consisted of low fat refried beans, grilled chicken, low fat cheese, lettuce, tomato, jalapenos and we can't forget the avocado.

I wanted something sweet but didn't want to eat junk and wasn't in the mood for an apple, so I had me a bowl of non-fat plain yogurt topped with flax seed and Ezekiel cereal with almonds, and fresh blueberries. Topped with a splash of agave nectar. This was really satisfying. And so filling that I wasn't even hungry for dinner.

UB had a baseball game and when we came back home, Hubster wanted another chicken tostada. I munched on a couple of pieces of baked chicken while making his tostada. Then I made me some air popped popcorn.
While at the baseball field, there were some people sitting next to us that were chain smoking. I'm so happy to receive second hand smoke, I really like it. I don't understand why some people aren't considerate to smoke elsewhere. People can smoke all they want, just not around me. I'm sorry if I offend anyone on this topic, but If I wanted to inhale cigarette smoke, I'd smoke myself.
Just had to get that of my chest.
It's Friday and have to go do tests with the boys and then clean the neglected house.

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leb said...

You are eating so healthy, It is making me feel bad for all the junk I feed my body. Not bad enough to do better but bad.