Friday, May 22, 2009

Yoga is exercise

We've been busy with a visit from some wonderful friends, last days of school work, the everyday business of life, baseball and whatever else has been thrown our way.

I've been eating better. I might not see results but I sure can feel them. I sleep better and I definitely feel better.

Since my last run posted , I have done some home exercises and did 20 min of running up the hill and walking down the hill. Butt kickers is what I like to call them.

I was showing my friend yesterday my little so called muscle on my biceps. Telling her that AB just kept looking at me when I was bragging about it and Hubster is a good man by telling me that it seems like they are getting bigger. She asked if I lifted weights. I said no. Simply because lifting 5lb weights every other week is not going to get me some definition in my muscles. And going to the gym every three weeks is not going to cut it either.

I do think that maybe my arms are getting a little toned just with the combination of exercises I do. I get bored doing one thing over and over. I have to break that monotony. I sort've make up my own exercise combinations and it works for me.

But the thing that I have been doing that is helping out my core(that also helps incontinence) and helps tone up everywhere is yoga. I've been doing yoga with Bob (biggest loser) only about twice a week, but those two times kick my butt, literally.

When I heard of yoga, I constantly told myself that I would never do that. Seriously, how was I going to stand like a flamingo and then suddenly lift my leg up into the wild blue yonder all the while trying to keep my balance. Not to mention, keeping all my body parts from moving out of position. No way!!

I ended up buying Biggest Loser Yoga weight loss video some time ago. It sat unopened for months. I tried it and was sore the next day. Bob keeps you going. I learned new names for exercises that I had never heard of before. Downward dog, upward dog, cow, cat, triangle, warrior, and the dreaded plank.

I do have to admit that the first time I turned on the video to view it just to see if I would like it, I saw them do these poses and told myself, "that's easy, you can do that"

Ha Ha Ha laughed my body when the next time I turned the video on and actually tried it. Your body stretches and reaches and moves and works. Never again will I say that yoga is not exercise.

So L, I think that's what's happening to my little so called muscles. Yoga baby!!

I ran another 3 miles this morning. 30 min this time. I was trying to do a slow and easy 3 miles.
The boys had baseball games this week. It's been fun to watch them. UB is still in Tball and gets bored during the halfway point. He enjoys it though.

AB is still in coach pitch with Hubster as his coach. During the opening tournament, their team won the championship. It was great. Since then, they've won some and lost one.

AB hit an infield home run on Tue and was quite proud of himself. I was proud of him as well. This is the same kid that last year hit maybe 4 times the entire year. He's been doing so much better this year. It was a good home run. He hit it down to left field, hit the fence and he ran and ran, they threw the ball to the catcher and AB slid right between the catcher's legs(not touching the catcher). The catcher dropped the ball. It was great.

It's funny how even though his daddy is his coach, and he wants to impress him, he still looks for his mom for approval. I love it. He'll tell me that he's going to hit it hard again, or that he's going to catch a pop fly. Well, last night during one of the times that he hit the ball, he made it to first base and was looking at me for my thumbs up sign, he smiled and waved when I gave it to him. I hope he always looks for me.

He even caught a pop fly. He just lifted his arms that are 3ft long and caught that ball that was going high up. It was great. And yes, he looked to see if I had seen it.

Anyway, enough bragging. I'm just a proud momma, what can I say.

We are having company this weekend. My brother in law and his son and my sister in law and her family. Along with more family and friends for a get together or two.

Time to go finish mowing, clean the house, do the laundry, change sheets and just get ready for the company that is soon to arrive.

Have a Blessed Weekend!!!


Kari said...

It is nice to get the old body in shape isn't it. I've got biceps too but mine is from Jillian from the biggest losers. The dreaded planks are from HELL I'm sure of it, but it does help your core. Keep it up! I've got one of your friends here at my house!

BARBB said...

Is there really a cow and cat in yoga? silly girl!