Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Asleep at the Wheel

I was mowing the front 4 acres of our land. While I was finishing up, the boys were riding their dirt bikes. Hubster made them a small track in the front of the house and that's where the boys ride their dirt bikes.

Well, while I was mowing across the track, I noticed that UB's head was bobbing. I continued to look and his head would jerk back up. This happened for a while. I even stopped the mower on the side of the track and looked at him as he rode by me. His eyes were looking a little droopy.

When I realized that he was probably falling asleep on his dirt bike, I panicked. At this time, he was riding on the track towards the road. I had all these bad visions go through my head at the time. Thoughts of him dropping his bike with him on it, or of him riding straight onto the street and a car zooming at that particular moment and hitting him, or of him riding straight onto the barbed wire fence and hurting himself.

I couldn't just run, since I was close to the house, and the mower was probably not fast enough, so I just prayed that he would make it back around the track safely. I got off the mower and ran to wait for him by the side of the track. He stopped when I told him to and I asked him if he was tired. He said yes. I asked him if he was falling asleep, he said yes. He didn't hesitate to get off the bike and waited for me to give him a ride to the house on the mower.

New meaning to falling asleep at the wheel, or should I say handle bars.


leb said...

That is just plain scary.
By the way You are looking way hot in your little picture. It only stands to reason with kids like ab and ub you would look like ww.

Elizabeth said...

That's insane!! That would scare me too!!