Thursday, June 19, 2008

Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

Martha opened her home to Jesus and his disciples. She had a sister called Mary. Martha knew that she had to make the best for Jesus. Nothing but the best would do for him. So she goes to the kitchen and starts sending the servants to go get the best food so that she could make it. After a while, she realizes that her sister is not helping her. Looking into the room where Jesus is sitting, she sees Mary there. This gets Martha a little bothered. Here she is, working hard in the kitchen, trying to make sure that everything is perfect, and there she is, not doing a thing to help. How dare her.
So Martha marches over to where Jesus is and says, "you know, I'm in there working hard and she is sitting here doing nothing to help. Make her help me." Expecting a 'go help your sister' to Mary, Martha is surprised when Jesus rebukes her. But then, Martha understands and gets it.
That is my version of Luke 10:40-42. So many times we fall into the Martha category. I know I do. Always busy, always worrying about the little things.
In this book, Joanna Weaver invites us to join Christ even in our busy lives. She shows us how the Mary's and the Martha's are alike and how we can be a little bit of both. We can have a closer relationship with Jesus by deepening our devotion, strengthening our service and doing both with less stress and more joy.
About Joanna:
Joanna Weaver was voted the Most Promising New Writer of 1997 at the Mount Herman Writer’s Conference. She has authored Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World and written for publications such as Focus on the Family, Home Life, Aspire, and The Evangel. A pastor’s wife for more than eighteen years, she and her husband have counseled many couples, both those approaching their wedding and those struggling in marriage. The Weavers live in Montana and have taught young married classes and spoken on the topic of marriage throughout the northwestern United States.
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