Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The itsy, bitsy spider

We had a busy afternoon yesterday and didn't arrive home until late last night. Upon arriving home, I found something waiting for me. It wasn't an invited guest, so needless to say, I panicked.

Looming over me from it's space on the wall was this...................................
I looked at the size of that thing and started picturing more like it everywhere. Does anyone remember that movie from long time ago that the people went into their garage, and the snakes started coming out of every spot imaginable? Well, that's how I pictured this scenario last night. Except with spiders. Hubster was not home and was not answering his phone to tell me what type of spider it was. Like he would have been able to help me anyway. He's not anywhere near home. So I called my friend. She tells me that it sounds like it's a tarantula. She asks if it has hairy legs. Why yes I say. Does it have long legs? Very long I say. I'm thinking little red riding hood here. The better to grab you with my dear.

Then she asks if there is another one. Another one? Do they come in two's? Did Noah forget to count his animals as they got off the Ark? Why would there be two of them?

I run in the back door. But I'm not that scared of it I guess. Because I grab my camera and walk out the front door in order to come all around into the garage to take pictures of the spider.

Then I remember that people buy these things and keep them as pets. I'm not willing to keep it, so does anyone want to buy a tarantula?

Just kidding.


Kari said...

Itsy, Bitsy? I don't think so! You are so brave to go out your front door and go all the way around to take a picture! Our house is supposed to be the migration pattern of these creepy things, thankfully I haven't seen one yet!



I am not a spider fan!

Elizabeth said...

That is so sic, I would have crashed at a friends house fo the night!! Brave you are!!

BARBB said...

it is a pretty spider..and atleast its big enough to see..its the little ...sneak up on you at night spiders you have to worry could see that one coming from afar!! you didnt kill it right?? :) its your friend. heh..