Friday, June 6, 2008

What's in your washer?

When I go to unload the washer and put the clothes in the washer, I usually end up finding stuff in the washer. Stuff that sometimes makes no sense to me. So let's take a look, shall we?

We've got a hot wheels car, a barrette ( I don't use barrettes anymore, but the boys sometimes use them as tweezers), some change, a Lego piece, some rocks, a shiny piece of rock better known as a piece of glass, a paper clip, some paper that became a ball, leftover wrappers of a band aid and there were more rocks and lots of sticks, but the boys found them and took them out. The pocket knives are no longer in that stuff either, those are used to dig holes in the back yard.
There are sometimes dollar bills in there, but I'm no dummy, those I hide and keep for myself.
I know that I should probably inspect the pockets before washing, but call me lazy. I've got lots of other things to do besides checking pockets. So I take everything that can not go in the dryer and put it in this little jar I have sitting on top of the dryer. I just continue to add to it until it gets full and then I empty it out.

So what gets washed in your washer?

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Kari said...

Yes, the same is true with me, and yes I'm lazy too and it is amazing what I find. Even Ninetendo games that cost $40! Oh well, I'll continue to collect too and I keep the money also!

By the way did you notice that Wonder Woman found a dead body in the Potomac River? Fox News had it? I was wondering though when did you go out east?