Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What a great day!

I turned a year older yesterday. It was a pretty good day. It started with our 4H group meeting here for our year end meeting. We were originally supposed to have it in May, but UB got sick and we had to cancel it.

So we decided we would have it here at my house. The kids had made kites during one of the meetings and they were to bring them so that they could fly them. The weather here had been in the 90's and very windy. So we moved the get together for the morning. That way we could avoid the hot heat and the wind.

The weather had been perfect. That is, until Monday. We woke up Monday to dark skies. No, it's not going to rain here, said the chief meteorologist. But what do you think happened? You got it, rain. It started pouring down at 9am. Right when things were supposed to start. People started showing up and we decided to go ahead and have the pinning ceremony and then people could leave.

I had 23 kids and 9 moms in my house. It wasn't bad. The kids all squeezed in the living room. They all received their pins and then ate a Popsicle. When the rain stopped for a while, they all went outside to run around. Then the 300 water balloons were brought out. It was cool and that didn't matter to the kids. The kids all chased each other throwing balloons and trying to get each other wet.

After balloons, they ran sack races and did the three legged race. AB and his friend were fast.

But they were no match for UB and his friend. They won the race and beat all the other kids.

Once everyone was gone, Hubster took me out to eat Pizza. Later that evening, I wanted a cake. You see, Hubster said he was craving a Pineapple Upside Down cake. I had thought about making me a cake, but nothing sounded good. That is, until Hubster said what he wanted.
Of course, I didn't have a box in order to make one, and because I was determined to make one, I made it from scratch. So there I am at 7pm making a Pineapple Upside Cake.
But it sure was worth it. This is all that is left from that round cake.
Want some?

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