Thursday, June 12, 2008

Let's go swimming

We have a pond in the back of our house. Right now, it is pretty full. But last week it wasn't too bad. The pond is Cinnamon's pool. She goes there on a daily basis to go swimming. Especially when the days are hot.

Last week, the boys had some friends over. They all wanted to see the pond. I walked over with them and they asked if they could take their shoes off and wade in the shallow parts. Sure I said. The pond has red muddy water. The high winds cause the water to turn and the red dirt to mix with it. This did not deter the boys from wanting to be in the water.

Pretty soon they asked if they could take their shirts off. Sure I said. So off the shirts went, onto a pile on the bank of the pond, along with the shoes and socks that were already there. Oh yeah, and a Spiderman outfit as well.
One of the boys fell in the water, so this gave the boys an opportunity to ask me if they can get in their swimsuits and go swimming. I told them that they could strip to their underwear and go swimming that way. I thought for sure they were going to tell me no. Boy was I wrong. They quickly took their shorts off, for fear that I would change my mind. And then they all got in the water. All except UB.
At one point, AB had mud all over his face. Mud from the bottom of the pond. But that just brought laughter and they all started throwing water at him to try to get the mud off.

These 5 boys swam from one end of the pond to the other. They were in there a good hour and they were having a great time. It didn't matter that they couldn't see the bottom of the pond. It didn't matter that the water was red. It also didn't matter that their whitie tighties were now as red as the water. They were having fun.

Even UB had fun standing on the bank, watching the commotion of who could reach the other side of the pond the quickest.


leb said...

you are such a fun mom

BARBB said...

so cool you let them do that! We had a pond we swam in when I was little..and I times! :)