Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Adventure Boy and his dirt bike

AB enjoys riding his dirt bike. He is an amazing kid and I'm going to brag on him a little. At the age of 2 1/2 he was riding his bicycle without training wheels. By the time he was 3, he wanted a dirt bike. "No", I said "too dangerous". "Yes", daddy said "that's my boy".

For his 4th birthday, we got him a dirt bike. He was so proud of that thing. He almost ran into some cars and some people when he first got on, but that's besides the point. He soon learned that riding a dirt bike was different than riding a bicycle.

He rode his first dirt bike for a short while. Simply because if you remember me telling you, some more-on stole it from our shop. We saved some money and bought him another one.

He rides this bike like there's no tomorrow. He wants to ride it all the time. When it's a sweltering 120 degrees outside. When it's freezing cold. When it's snowing. Even when it's raining.

He wants to race dirt bikes. "No", I said "too dangerous". "Yes", daddy said "that's my boy".

He bugged and bugged and bugged some more to go riding after it had rained. He knew the ground would be soft and wet and he just had to ride in it. What kid doesn't like to walk, run or ride in water puddles?

So yesterday evening, when it had finally stopped raining, after much bugging, Hubster went outside with AB so that he could ride through the puddles. He claimed it was to learn how to ride in wet dirt, but these pictures proved otherwise.
He's quite content to ride through these puddles. Just look at his face.

"It really is fun mom"


BARBB said...

That is a bit amazing..I dont even know how to ride one! :)

Kari said...

I have a hard enough time driving my 4 wheeler Van! I'm glad it is your boy not mine. Mine is just the engineering mind behind making the bikes and making them go faster!

Elizabeth said...

I love those pictures!!!