Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day four in Ecuador

On the fourth day of my mission trip, my true love gave to me..............
4 days without hot water
3 bruises blackening
2 translators
1 wonderful but humbling experience

We started day four a little easier. We were going to take a tour of a Rose Plantation. There are Rose Plantations around what seems every corner. We went in and were given a tour about all the different areas. We were showed where they fix the flowers so that they can look their best before being shipped out. We were showed how they pack them and how the different size cuts went to the different countries. We saw them make bags of rose petals for weddings and such, and we even saw the rejects that were going to be sold in the local market. They were beautiful and I don't know what made them rejects. Slight imperfections I guess.

We even saw these beautiful blue roses. They were white roses that were dyed. They dye them blue or black and even purple I believe. They sure looked pretty.

We passed out scripture gum and tracts. A young girl even came running after us to see if we had more of a certain tract.

We went and passed out tracts and goodie bags to a neighborhood right behind the molino. We visited a day care and then walked the streets. We came across a young lady whose kids had been coming to VBS. The little boy had medical problems. Her family was the only one around that neighborhood who were Christians. They get no help from their neighbors because they are Christians. The lady feels all alone with no one there to help. Her husband works at a Rose Plantation kind of far from where they live. He rides a bike to and from work. She walks to where she needs to go. We tried to encourage her. We read her scripture and then we prayed for her. Her name was Sarah.

We went to the molino to go eat then get our craft and skit ready for VBS. By the end of this day, we had over 100 kids. We sure were tired. But in a good way.

We went to eat and then to church services. It sounded so beautiful. Here in our church we have a band. Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, keyboard and such. We also have a choir. There at that church, they have one person playing Acoustic guitar and everyone singing. It just sounds so beautiful.

After church, we realized that our translator to our group had locked the keys in the truck. While we wait for someone to come open it, three of us start to walk. We were going to pass out candy to kids. Our other translator says no. It's not a safe area. She'll walk with us. We start to walk when a car pulls up next to us. It is a pastor from a Baptist church in Quito. He says get in. We tell him that we are just walking and we'll wait for the truck to get unlocked. He says get in.
N, our leader, said that maybe this was like the joke of when God send the guy several modes of transportation. We got in.

This is downtown Cayambe. Where the church is located.

Here is a view of the snow capped Cayambe Volcano. We had been noticing that the sky was a little hazy. Little did we know that it was volcanic ash.


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