Monday, August 25, 2008

I went to go see Beth Moore

I won a Gold!!! I didn't even participate in the Olympics, unless you can make housecleaning an Olympic event. And even then, I'd probably come in last place. Anyway, Sunshine mom gave me this award. Very sweet!!
I only have two friends that blog ( as far as I know) , so I'll post them here to pass this award on.
1. Kari
So now you two can post your award on your blog.
I, along with 20 something other women from my church, left on Friday morning at 6:30am to drive down to San Antonio, TX to see Beth Moore. Man, was it awesome. She talked about inheritance and how God is our porti0n and we are his. She talked about how we were heirs ( or heiresses ) of God. It was great. 10,000 women all under one roof listening to a wonderful speaker and all praising the God who made us heirs. Can't beat that.
We drove down in the church bus. Usually, when you sit in the back of the bus, it's cooler than the front. Not in this case. The a/c wasn't working and while it was blowing lukehot air to the front of the bus, those of us in the back were getting none. It started getting stuffy towards the middle of our trip, which meant that the last 3 hours were spent fanning ourselves and thinking about other stuff besides the fact that we were hot.
We were sweating even before we got to the Riverwalk. But we arrived at our hotel without anyone melting or passing out. We were able to walk the Riverwalk for a while before the conference. I'm familiar with the Riverwalk and since my mom lives in San Antonio, we go down there quite often. So I guess I was like the tour guide. We all had fun. I got to know some people from my church a little better. We just moved to this church in March and it's hard to make friends in a big church that already has their own friend groups.
On the way back home from the conference, we stopped to pick up something to eat. Those of us that had sat in the back going down there, moved to the front coming home. But when we got our food and started heading back to the bus, the rain started to fall. Not soft drops either, it was pouring down. When we finally made it back onto the bus, some seats were wet as were some of our blankets and pillows. The windows had leaked. Big puddles of water were inside the bus.
We were all wet. We weren't complaining about the air then, because it actually was a little cold. Once we were dry, we started to feel the hot air again. I do believe it was worse coming home than it was going down there. We did end up stopping at Dairy Queen to get blizzards.
So as a recap, we had a wonderful and awesome time listening to Beth Moore, and we were sweaty and sticky going down there and hot and wet coming back home. Couldn't ask for a more interesting trip. But it was all worth it. Thank you Lord!!


Anonymous said...

You can always get a good story out of church road trip!! :) But it sounded like it was lots of fun. Thanks for the award, I will try to figure out how to put it on my page. ;)

Be Amazed! said...

I was an awesome weekend, wasn't it! I'm still standing in awe. May you not be "boring" and remember your inheritance always! Blessings.

Kari said...

I don't understand the whole award thing? What do I do? Is it yours or is it mine?

Sounds like a good time to be had, didn't know you were going, I came so close to going to that event. Wish I had known you were going. Wow, you've had three now outings without your little ones all in a year! I'm impressed.