Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Whataburger burger

We recently went to a Whataburger. If you are from around Texas you know that Whataburger's are usually found all over in a Texas town. They are quite yummy, but the further south you get, the better they are. You have to order them with toasted buns and grilled onions and it makes them scrumptulicious.

Anyway, AB got a kid's meal with a cheeseburger. He finished it and was still hungry. We gave him some money and told him to go order Justaburger (the name of a burger).

He came back and I asked him where the change was. They didn't give me any, he said.

Confused, I looked at the sign with the prices and kept insisting to him that he should have gotten change.

No, he said. She took the money and said it would be right out.

I asked him what he ordered. Just a burger mom, he said, no fries, no drink, just a burger.

Suddenly I realized that he didn't know that the name of the burger was called JUSTABURGER, he thought I had told him to go order just a burger.

Kids are so funny.

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