Thursday, August 21, 2008

UB and his costumes

UB also enjoys to ride his dirt bike, but he doesn't have to do it all the time. He prefers to be a superhero.

The other night, he stayed home with Hubster and I while AB went to eat with a friend. He was watching a power rangers show of some sort. I went to do something and when I came back, I noticed he wasn't there. I asked Hubster where he was, "don't know" he said.

A little while later UB comes in wearing his power ranger costume. Looking all studly I might add.

He will wear this costume all day long. During school, superhero's want to learn too you know. He'll put it on when he wakes up, wear it all day and then take it off to take a shower. It's not just this costume. It's the ninja one, the spiderman or even the thing one.

He even wore it on our trip to Wal-Mart. But AB gets embarrassed and asked him if he really needed to wear it inside the store. No, he says, I'll take it off in the car, then put it back on when we get back into the car. AB looked relieved.

See, there's a power ranger riding his bike. He's showing me how fast he can ride.
After he has showed off, he has to smile and pose.

"Do you like my big muscles mom?"


Kari said...

Okay, yes studly might be a word, but he looks so CUTE!

Barbb said...

he is a bit adorable!

leb said...

I knew that super hero when he was not yet one year old, before he got his start is saving the world

Anonymous said...

A good thing about home school...he can wear his super hero outfits to school!! He is so cute!!


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