Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A prayer request and praise

I know I'm late posting today. All because of school. At least that seems a good excuse.

Our field up front had knee length grass growing. I was having a hard time finding my chihuahua when she went outside. It had been raining quite a bit that it gave the grass some boost to grow.

So off I went yesterday after school to go mow. The tractor has a dead battery so I just drove the mower. I like the mower because I can go fast. But I like the tractor because I feel big in it. Oh well, I can never be happy.

While I was mowing, the boys were making mud patties behind the shop. I couldn't see them, but when I ran out of gas and went to get the gas can, I saw what they were doing.

Of course, by this time I had found out that they had brought a big bucket filled with mud inside my house. My clean house that I hard worked so hard at. Then, I found a plastic bowl that I had been looking for from inside my house. Time and time again I had asked them if they knew where the bowl was. No mom, was always their response. Imagine my surprise when I see it outside filled with mud and such and they tell me that they didn't know THAT was the bowl I was talking about. When they asked if I wanted it back, I just told them they could keep it.

But while I was mowing, I was praising God in all that he does. You see, there is this couple at church that just had their third little girl. Baby Hannah. She is a week and a half old. When she was born, all was well. The day after she was born, she started having heart issues. They rushed her to the children's hospital nearby. They found out that her two arteries, one pumps blood, the other oxygen, to her heart were reversed. The surgeon did a balloon procedure two days after she was born, just to get her heart to work.

There is no surgeon in the state of Oklahoma that would perform the operation of switching the two arteries. They found one in Texas. They med flight the baby there while the parents drove down.

The surgeon that was found is a Christian. A praying one at that. He definitely believes in miracles. The surgery was yesterday. It started at 7:30 am and by 2:15pm, it was almost complete and successful. What a wonderful God.

She is still not out of the woods yet, but I ask that you all pray for Baby Hannah. She will stay intubated for a couple more days and the family will have to live at the Ronald McDonald house during their stay.

So while I was mowing, I was crying tears of joy for this baby girl and her family. I was also thanking God for my family and for all that He continues to do for us.

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BARBB said...

Aww...amazing..even after finding your bowl outside and mud in your house..you can still thank God..life is good :) no worries.