Tuesday, October 14, 2008

AB and his red converse

Guess what we got in the mail?


Well, let me show you.
Yup, AB got his new red converse Chuck Taylors. He was extremely excited.

The only 'opportunity' I see is that AB is OCD. A lot. Not a little.

He has to match. Everything is about matching for AB. His shoes have to match the rest of his outfit.

He even gets embarrassed when UB doesn't match. Doesn't even want to be seen with UB during these mismatched times.

So after AB got his shoes and was wanting to wear them, the dilemma came about what to wear.

Red shoes just don't match much with.

So the tears came flowing down because the shoes would match with the shirt but not the shorts. Or with the shorts and not the shirt.

But suddenly, the tears stopped because he found an outfit that matched and that he could live with.
I think the red shoes are going to make it in AB's world.

He might be wearing the same outfit day in and day out, but the shoes will definately survive.

Don't you think he's happy now?


Barbb said...

I so understand this child! lol..love the shoes

Elizabeth said...

That picture is too cute. I think it's funny that he had to have the red ones but that they are really hard to match things with. Poor kid, it's hard being perfect!! :)