Friday, October 10, 2008

Why do I have to break up fights about heads?

"I want my head back"
"Please give me back my head"
"mooooommm, he has my head"

That is what I awoke to yesterday morning.

It was early, I hadn't had my morning coke and they were arguing over a head.

A Lego head, just in case you are wondering.

That is what little boys fight over.

UB doesn't understand the concept of trading and AB takes advantage of it. Even if they are just playing, AB takes it out of context and tries to make UB think that he gave it to him.

AB did do the right thing and gave his brother his head back. Heads, good grief. Never did I think I was going to be in the middle of a fight about heads.

Life with kids.

So here are a few pictures of some of the heads and bodies I found. They are all scattered all over in different places in the house so not all of them were there for the family photo.

Some are getting ready for dinner while the others are left to starve.
This poor chump is saying "where is my body mate?" But he can't see that his friend has no legs.

And I really don't want to know what's going on here. It seems to me that Darth and his compadres are getting ready for a manly dinner.
But wait, what's that on the table? A head? Or a hair piece? I guess it's up to your imagination.

1 comment:

Heather said...

I am laughing out loud at this post!

You have no idea how many mismatched Lego body parts we have laying around this house. (I take that back, I'm sure you know this as well).

I love the look of your blog. I'd love to come back for a visit! Maybe Gabe can play with your boys while we talk "blog".