Monday, October 6, 2008

Church and UB

It was a Sunday evening. We were having The Lord's Supper at church as well as watching some baptisms. What a great way to start the new week.

We watch the baptisms, the Pastor preaches a bit and then he tells us to take some time to clean our hearts out. So that when we receive communion, we have pure hearts. Some people go up to the altar. I choose to stay in my pew in order to keep a close eye on the boys. I turn around and get on my knees to pray where I am.

I am in deep prayer and am talking to God when I feel someone climb my back. I open an eye and UB is on back there. Just like a baby monkey get's on it's mom's back.

He just lays on me and I go back to prayer because at least I know that he's staying out of trouble.

When all of a sudden, in a quiet room of people praying you hear it. It sounds like a song, but it's not a hymn of any sort. I realize it's my watch. My watch that is playing the song M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E.

I try to reach the watch in order to turn it off, but UB is hanging on top of me and holding the button. I get him off and turn the watch off.

I try to go back to praying, but the tune of the song is in my head. Besides, it's hard to pray when you have one eye open while making sure your kid isn't doing anything noisy again.

And then it happens. I hear a toot. I open the eye that wasn't open and there UB is, grinning at me with a proud grin.

I realize that it's no use in praying anymore because the people all around us have obviously heard the commotion going on and are by this time laughing.

Next time, I think I'll just sit on UB while I pray.


Elizabeth said...

Then people will just think that you tooted on him!!!

leb said...

I love UB. He is such a fun kid.

Kari said...

That is one of the funniest stories I've heard about church and the Lord's supper! Thanks for the laugh, and I'm sure God got a chuckle as well at His creation.