Friday, October 3, 2008

What happens when the mommy is sick?

I got sick Friday after the Wildlife Expo and it continued until Monday, when I could no longer stand the pain. I went to the Dr. to find out that I had a bladder infection. Any longer, because my kidneys were already being affected, and I would have had to visit the ER.

You don't realize how serious it is until you hear it from the Dr. Now, in my opinion, I have a high tolerance for pain. But this ranked right underneath labor pains before the epidural.

We still had school because even though the teacher is sick, life must go on. And it's kind of hard to find a substitute teacher for you. If that even exists for a home school mom. Besides, my principal is tough, no sick days for me.

After school, I was laying in bed in a fetal position trying to pretend the pain wasn't there and trying to get warm since I seemed to be freezing. I gave the boys free reign.

I knew they wouldn't be doing anything bad because we had just had a Bible lesson on how God sees everything we do. Imagine UB's surprise during the lesson when I told him that God knew if he was lying or not. So I wasn't worried about them recking the house.

They rub rocks with sticks to try to make fire, they leave the sink on with the drain closed, but I knew they wouldn't tear the house too bad.

I vaguely heard them talking about making an experiment, a concoction of some sort. At that point, I didn't care what they did.

So this is what I find in my freezer when I went to look for something to make for lunch yesterday.
Each boy had his own 'concoction' milk jug. I started to ask what was in it, but changed my mind.

I think this one had some grass and flowers in it. Among other 'natural' stuff.

Oh look! There is even a wad of paper towels. Frozen. Ready for the next experiment.

Oh well, it could have been worse. And, I will throw it all away this weekend when I empty the freezer out in order to defrost it.
So what's in your freezer?


Elizabeth said...

No crazy things in my freezer!! I am glad that you are feeling better...that bladder infection sounded really awful!!

BARBB said...

um..your freezer scares me! lol..nothing but lean pockets and french fries in mine! :) Im glad you feel better..and should get sick days..thats crazy!