Thursday, October 30, 2008

The many hats

As a woman, and I'm speaking as a woman because that's what God made me. Anyways, as a woman, we are expected to wear lots of hats.

Here are some examples of the hats that I wear:

Wife, mom, daughter, teacher, cook, cleaning lady, nurse, laundry worker, housekeeper, bookkeeper, accountant, taxi cab driver, entertainer, jungle gym.

I know that there are lots more, but these will do for now.

Sometimes I find it hard to wear all the hats. I know that my Lord sustains me and he makes it possible, but sometimes, I don't listen.

I'm always too busy to stop and play games with the boys.

Last week, as I was wearing the teacher hat, UB and I were reading on the floor cozied up on lots of pillows. All of a sudden he started tickling me. It went into a tickling party. Pretty soon AB joined us and we were all playing this game.

We laughed and played for a good 30 minutes. I had taken off all my hats and was just me. When it was time for me to put on my cook hat, the boys said they would like to do it again.

I just can't believe that it took me that long to realize that sometimes we have to take off all our hats and let God hold them for us.

Anyway, so here is a picture of me as I continue my au naturale hair color. I wasn't going this short, but decided that in order to get a lot of the color off, I needed to. It was actually shorter not too long ago. Some places were even shorter than the rest of my hair. So short that UB said I had a mohawk. I'll be so glad when my hair grows out.


Barbb said...

Looking good..u go girl! :P

Elizabeth said...

I like the style and the color, I think you look beautiful with no hats. ;)