Friday, October 24, 2008

We don't need our heater on yet!

The cooler weather has arrived. With the cooler weather come a couple of things.

First, I don't need the A/C. And second, I don't need the heater. Yet.

We like it to be cool in our house. The only time we turn our heater on is if we've got icicles hanging down our nose when we wake up in the morning.

And when it's cold outside, with no heater turned on, it means that it is pretty chilly in my house.

I would rather bake something to warm up the house than to turn that heater on.

So yesterday, it was colder in my house than it was outside.

So we did what any other crazy person would do and went somewhere where I knew would be warm.

The library.

I had intentions of taking the boys to story time. But as I arrived there, I realized that it was almost over.

We go in to get books. All three of us get some books and go up the elevator to sit on the nice comfy couches to read.

A couple of years ago, AB got his hand stuck in the elevator. Don't know how he did it, but it sure was scary. He stays clear of all moving parts of the elevator now.

UB was excited to be upstairs. I read with him and then he went to look for a magazine. He walked back and forth from where we were sitting to another area with some comfy chairs.

Thinking we were going to get kicked out for UB being a distraction, we decide to go home.

UB pushes the button to the elevator. We get in and we wait. And wait. And wait. Something is just not right, but we still just wait. The elevator isn't going anywhere.

During this time of our wait, AB tells me with a big grin that dropping that paperclip down from the top floor was fun.

What do you mean dropping? When did you drop it? I was with you the entire time.

Well, he obviously dropped it while I wasn't looking. While still not moving in the elevator, I explain to him why he shouldn't do that and tell him to never do that again. Uh huh.

At this time, I realize that we still haven't moved. Thinking that we are going to be stuck in an elevator in the libraray, I start looking around.

I ask UB if he had pushed the button. No. What button should he push?

I push the correct button, the elevator starts going down and when we get there, I hightail it out of the library before we end up getting kicked out.

Hey, at least we warmed up enough to enjoy our cool house again.


BARBB said...

lol..that is so funny! Boys ars so fun! :)

leb said...

I was thinking just now it was time for a walmart run to warm up.

Gail said...

yall could run down here to warm up.....It was 90 this afternoon!