Thursday, October 2, 2008

A bad case of Road Rage

Last week the boys and I saw someone besides Hubster experience road rage. Road rage that almost ended in a fight.

I was driving when I noticed that the truck in front of me was swerving to the next lane that an SUV was driving in. The SUV slowed down in order to avoid a collision.

The truck moved back into it's lane, only to swerve again into the same SUV.

But this time, the SUV slowed down enough in order for the truck to get right in front of it. But then the SUV pulled up next to the truck and was using hand gestures to talk to him.

He even swerved close enough to the truck that I thought they were going to wreck. The truck had Rambo in it because he wasn't backing down, he was turning his truck to aim directly at the SUV. The SUV had to drive to the shoulder in order to avoid being hit.

Somehow, the truck ended up behind the SUV and was tailgating. The SUV turned into the parking lot of a shopping center and there went Rambo behind him.

I of course was not going to miss what was happening. Come on, I saw the start, I wanted to see the end.

I pull in after them. Did I forget to mention that the boys were with me? And that they were encouraging me to follow?

So we sat in the car watching Rambo get out of his truck and grab a long pipe from the bed of the truck and walk towards grandpa, who got out of the SUV.

Grandpa, not being armed, raised his hands as if to say, whoa. But Rambo raised the pipe and I really thought was going to hit grandpa. Grandpa was red in the face, obviously from telling Rambo some nice words about his driving. Rambo just stood there with the raised pipe and occasionally the pipe moved a little like he was about to swing it at grandpa.

I really didn't know what I would do, but I knew that I wasn't going to let Rambo hit grandpa, who as unarmed. Even the boys were not liking the scenario. I was on the phone with a friend of mine and she kept asking if she needed to call the cops. I had already been telling her everything that was happening.

But by this time, Rambo was too macho to stand there and listen to grandpa because he threw the pipe in the back of the truck, jumped in his truck and sped off. Grandpa just stood there shaking his head.

Then Rambo got back on the same road he was on and was on the phone at this time. I of course started driving too. So I happened to be behind him again. Rambo did it again. He tried to get in the left lane from the right lane and almost hit a car.

I told the boys that not only did we have to pray for Rambo's attitude while he was driving, but also his driving. UB said that he needed lots of prayer because he sure didn't know how to drive right.

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