Friday, May 16, 2008

Anyone need some rocks?

During the winter, I find ice in my house. During the spring, I find wild flowers in my house. All year round I find lots of dirt and lots of Lego's in my house. Lately, I've been finding rocks in my house. On the tables, in the bedrooms, in the washer and dryer, in the bathtub, in the sink, on the chairs. These rocks seem to be multiplying by the day. We may not have trees for the boys to climb on, but we sure do have rocks. This makes the boys very happy because they get to look for their treasures and then come running in the house to show me what they found.

They look at the shape, texture, style and color. If it looks odd, it must be valuable. That is what they think. For example, the ones in the next picture show 'two faced' rocks.

AB has been on a hunt for crystals. He believes that one day he is going to find enough that he will be able to sell them and become rich. I sure hope he remembers me washing these crystals to their beauty in the washer and shares his wealth with me.
I felt so special on Mother's Day because he made me a card and in the card, he had attached a crystal he had found. Maybe that one crystal will make me rich one day.

UB found him some unique rocks as well. He doesn't really look for anything in particular, he just wants rocks to be like his brother. He also likes the smaller rocks. Those are the better ones to hit you with. See, he's got a plan. When AB won't share his crystal rocks with him, he just pops AB on the side of the head with one of those small rocks and he gets even. He may be small, but he's not dumb.

Now I just have to go and pull out all the little rocks from my lint holder and go throw out the ones that are rolling around in my washer.

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