Monday, May 5, 2008

To sleep or not to sleep

Ever since I can remember, I have always slept with more than one pillow. I never really liked to go to sleepovers when I was younger because I always wanted to take ALL my pillows. I know, I'm weird. I like to sleep in a room that is not only dark, but cold as well, then I add three pillows and I'm set to sleep.

When I got married, I brought my bad habit of three pillows. I have a body pillow and two king sized pillows. Poor Hubster has always allowed me and my entourage of pillows to sleep together. I give him a little more than half of our King size bed, while me and my pillows take up the rest. We like our space when we sleep.

So when we had kids, I taught them that nasty habit of more than one pillow. Both boys sleep with lots of pillows all around them. I'm apologizing right now to their future wives.

When Hubster is out of town, the boys camp out in my room. I don't get to hog up the bed while he's out of town. Someone else does that for me.

AB is usually the one that sleeps on the bed with me. UB likes his space. Alone. AB and I start off with three pillows each. His body pillow and two regular size pillows. So far so good. I can share. Half for him, and half for me. We are both having peaceful, wonderful dreams at this time.

But then, I think that AB practices his karate in bed or something, because next thing you know, he's scooting over to my side. Sleeps right in the middle, so I scoot over to the far side. AB is still having peaceful, wonderful dreams while my dreams are anything but.

Pretty soon though, his pillows are forgotten and he's hogging mine. Notice how I have only 1/4 of the bed while he has the rest. Motherly sacrifices people. Yeah, right! I end up sleeping on my back with my arms crossed and moving as little as possible. Sleep is still possible, but I have to kick AB over so that I can sleep with my pillow friends again.

When the night is over (usually at 7 am for AB), I'm grumpy and need a nap. AB however, is full of energy and ready to tackle the world. And as much as I complain about my kids, and would like to tell them to go sleep in their own rooms in their own beds with their own pillows, I won't. Because AB will wake up and sometimes give me a morning hug or kiss, or tell me he loves me at night before he goes to bed. And those are things that I would not get if I didn't let him hog up my bed while Hubster's away.

Call me crazy, but I"ll take those loving moments (as rare as they come) any day. And yes, I'll even sacrifice some sleep in order to get them.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh..funny! I have two pillows and two "squishy" pillows i hold on to while Im sleeping..pillows very important..I totally understand :)