Friday, May 9, 2008

What do you think?

I went downtown yesterday and noticed something. I'm not really sure if it's OK or not, so I'm going to see what y'all think.

I noticed this little girl, about three years old, in a truck, strapped into her car seat in the front seat, with the truck on, but no one else was with her. I stood there for a couple of minutes, looking to see if maybe her mom was coming right out of the place. No.

I went to my location and looked out the window. The little girl was trying to get out of her seat. Her mom still hadn't gone back to the truck.

After about 5 minutes from when I got there, the mom shows up.

I know we all say, "oh, I'll only be a minute", but that's scary. that wrong or is it OK to leave a child alone with the motor running?


Kari said...

If you had called 911, the mom would have been arrested. This is very wrong! It is actually a crime. I know it is hard to have to run all those errands that are just in and out especially with little kids who can't help themselves, but we didn't become moms so our lives would be easier.

Elizabeth said...

I agree that it's not right. If you were a kidnapper and a car thief you could have run off with her truck and her child. Luckily for her, you;re neither of those things.