Thursday, May 22, 2008

I have two brothers. One is older than I and the other is younger than I. As we grew up, we all went in different directions. We still kept in touch, but hardly saw each other. Then we got married. We were still busy and now had our spouses families to think about as well.

Time passed by and before we knew it, it was a couple of years that we had seen each other. So we visited and saw each other. Although, we did keep in touch by phone. Years passed by and I hate to say it but it has been six years since I have seen my older brother and going on one year since I last saw my younger brother.

I'd like to blame it on business, but the more I think about it, I'll blame it on laziness. My older brother lives in El Paso, Tx and my younger brother lives in Flour Bluff, Tx. My older brother is extremely busy as he goes off for training a lot. He has two daughters. One of which I have met. Him and his wife have not met UB. So this weekend, we are going to go see my brother and his family in El Paso and my younger brother and his family are going from their end up there.

I am looking forward to this reunion as it has been a long time coming. Phone calls are one thing, but being with your family is another thing. My boys are excited to be able to meet their cousins and play with them. I will take lots of pictures.

As I have lots to do before we leave, I will not be posting again. (unless Hubster lets me borrow his computer while we are there). I will be back again on Tuesday, if not sooner.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend.
Lots of love to all of y'all from me.

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