Monday, May 19, 2008

The new family

Last year, we had a family of cliff swallows that made a home on our window sill on the back porch. But one home was not enough for the family, so they made another home an the other side of the window. The mom sleeps in one nest and the dad in the other. We enjoyed watching them make this home. The meticulous way they would work on their house and wouldn't stop until it was done.

When winter came, they went back away. They returned this spring and we watched as the mama sat in the nest, day after day. We waited for little heads to pop up and today, we saw them.

I tried to take pictures outside on the back porch, but the mama and her entourage wouldn't let me. So I had to take pictures from inside my house. They are a little dark, but you can still see the birds.

The mama feeding her babies. Don't leave mama, we're still hungry.
La, la,la, la la

Mama, feed me next.

I think she knows we're watching. Good job mama, just keep doing your job.

Maaaaammmmaaaaaa!!! Maaaaammmaaaaa!!

I heard you the first time. I'm trying to find food for you as fast as I can. Now chill out!

But we're hungry!! Please hurry back. Could you please bring us back a supreme pizza?

I wonder how long I can sit here and stare into the wide open space before they demand more from me.


Candace said...

these are the cutest pictures ever!!!

Kari said...

My kids had a blast reading this one! We've built two bird nest and have two bird feeders and we've so enjoyed watching them all. We've had such a variety of birds, but they won't let me take a picture either!