Thursday, May 15, 2008

Look like a woman and not a man

Usually when a woman is looking for something, she looks everywhere. She will dig in behind stuff to look for whatever it is she is looking for. She will move stuff around just to find it. She will re-arrange wherever she is looking, just to find the item she is looking for.

When men are looking for something, they only look on the surface. Then open drawers and just scan the top, if it's not on top, they just shut the drawer. They open doors and just look inside, scanning for the item they want. If the item were a snake, it would surely bite them.

One of my friends says "look like a woman, not a man". I have started to say this phrase to the boys when they are looking for something. That or, "last time I was wearing it, I left it there".

When AB can't find what he is looking for, he comes running to me. He'll tell me, "Mom, I can't find my such and such. And yes, I did look like a woman and not a man."

The other day, I was making pb&j sandwiches for lunch. I opened the fridge to look for the apple butter and couldn't find it. I asked out loud "Does anyone know where the apple butter is?"
AB responds, "Right there on the bottom. Remember mom, look like a woman and not a man."

Smarty pants.


Kari said...

Our kids are way wiser than we give them credit for! Too funny!

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