Thursday, May 8, 2008

The terrible, no good, very bad, unpredictable Oklahoma weather

Once upon a time, there was a trampoline that was used for enjoyment. It got bounced on, ran on and even beat on.

This trampoline was a joy to have around because it could entertain kids when the mom didn't have any entertaining left in her.

The neighbors and cousins would come over and jump on this trampoline as well.

But one day, the crazy, unpredictable, Oklahoma weather fought with the trampoline and the trampoline was no match for the 5o+mph winds. This poor trampoline fought hard to stay alive, but to no avail.

The taco looking trampoline was blown about 100 ft away from where it originally was.
It's a sad day at the little house on the prarie, especially for mom, because now she will have to do all the entertaining. Boo hoo!


Anonymous said...

Aww...our trampoline..lost its fight as was a sad day..for all of us..loved that thing! :) lol

leb said...

You need one like mine. I'm not sure a tornado could lift it.