Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My son......Hammy

If you saw the movie Over the Hedge, then you are familiar with Hammy. The ADD squirrel that is non-stop. We used to say that AB is Hammy, but when UB is on medicine, he is Hammy. UB has seasonal asthma. When the weather has been as unpredictable as it has lately, his asthma goes into full throttle. Not to mention the pollen and mold count outside. Pretty soon, the cottonwoods are going to be blooming, if they aren't already, and that will kick his asthma again.

He's on a medicine that makes him go from happy.....................................

to sad........................ All in a split second. I feel bad for the kid. School has been impossible with him during this drug time. I'm ready for this season to be over so that he can stay off this med.

When he's done crying, he'll be happy again and go back to being Hammy. It's a vicious circle I tell you.
This is how his conversations go. Usually one sided and all in one breath.
AB: "mom, mom, I know how to spell 70. Moooooommmm, I know how to spell 70. You spell it with a 7 and a D. 70. That's how you spell it mom. Moooooommmm, did you hear me? I know how to spell 70."
Right after that conversation he changes topics. This time, while he's chasing the chihuahua and trying to tell me a story, all in one breath.
AB: "mom, did you know that AB didn't wash his hands again after he used the bathroom? He always does that mom. Isn't that gross mom? Why does he do that mom? Mom, did you know that I'm faster than AB? I can run a lot faster and AB can't catch me. I think it's because he has dirty hands, right mom? (to AB) go wash your hands because you didn't wash them and they are dirty. Use soap. He has to use soap right mom? Mom, smell my hands. I washed them with soap. They smell good right mom? It's because I wash my hands after I use the bathroom."
The conversation continues until I either walk away of change the topic.
The other problem that he has with this med, is the fact that he doesn't sleep much. UB likes to sleep, he's always liked to sleep. When he was a baby, I called the Dr. to ask him if it was normal that a baby sleep a lot. He still sleeps a lot. He's the one that sleeps in (8:30 or 9). Or I should say, used to sleep, because now he wakes up very early. Sometimes even at 5:30 and can't go back to sleep.
I'm so ready for his asthma to go away. In the meantime, I'll just try to keep Hammy from ruining my house.

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