Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The lizards in my house

Last week, AB brought home a toy lizard from church. The instructions on the lizard said to put it in water, leave in there between 3 to 7 days and it would grow to be 36 inches.

So we put it in a bowl and watched it grow.

And grow.

UB wanted one too. He found a lizard in his toy box and put it in a cup of water.

We watched it. And watched it.

AB's lizard had to be moved into the bathtub. It was getting too big for the bucket. This thing grew and grew.
When it was ready, the boys took it out of the tub and has now been used as a weapon. A weapon to hurt each other. Their logic? "It can't hurt too bad mom, it's soft and wet."
AB twirls this thing by the tail. He throws it by the legs. He grabs it from the head and whacks UB with the tail.

Meanwhile, UB is very optimistic that his lizard will grow to be 9 feet long. So we are still waiting.
He has big plans for his lizard. The lizard that will never grow. The lizard that is actually not there anymore.
Plans that include whacking AB with the tail. Or throwing it while it is still wet, up against the wall to see the water splat out.

Poor UB is going to be disappointed when he finds out that I threw the water away because I was tired of it hanging around my kitchen counter.
It's all my fault that I prevented this little lizard from growing to be 9 feet tall.
I think I'll just tell him that AB's lizard ate it.

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Anonymous said...

That's so cute that he wanted his to grow!!