Thursday, December 4, 2008

Shopping at 4am? I am insane.....

We went to St. Louis for Thanksgiving. We caravan ed with Hubster's brother and sister and cousins and Aunt to get there. We started off early and 12 hours later, we end up at his sister's house. It was fun. That's all I'm going to say about that.

We wake up the next morning and AB is excited to go spend the morning with my brother-in-law. The same one that broke his arm last year. AB woke up early. At 5am. To tell me that he was going to go wake up his Aunt and Uncle so that he and his Uncle could go 'shopping'.

Since I had just gone to bed at 1am, waking me up at 5 was not really a good idea. I tell him to go back to sleep since there is no movement in the house. He insists that he is getting up. I insist he go back to sleep.

I win. After he falls asleep crying.

He then wakes up at 7 when he hears voices in the kitchen. He gets dressed, tells UB that he needs to get dressed as well and off he went to wake up the other little cousin. When they are all dressed, they tell us that their Uncle D was taking them to IHOP and then shopping.

Uncle D had a 5, 6 and 7 year old boy with him. He took them to eat a big breakfast at IHOP then off they went shopping at Wal-Mart. They each came back loaded with toys.

They then went outside to play in the leaves with Uncle D.
While the boys were outside playing, my organized sister-in-law was looking at her list that was posted on her fridge, to see what needed to be put in the oven first. She had gotten all the casseroles ready the day we were traveling and so all she had to do was put them in the oven. She even had all the dishes out with a sign in each one telling what food item went in it. She is so like me. NOT! I wish I were like that, but I'm a procrastinator.

We did have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Even if we did eat 3 hours after we originally said. But I was Thankful for all the family there and no one hurting each other.
We went to bed at 1:30am. I was exhausted and wanted to sleep in, but my sister-in-laws wanted to go shopping with the other 4,000 people in the neighborhood. I get up at 3:30 and we load up (I'm the driver) and drive to Kohl's. All I can think about when I see that the line to get in the store is 2 miles long (no lie) is that I am insane. Insane to be out in the cold and with all those people.
Since I used to work in retail for 12 years, I vowed that I would never be like those crazy people fighting over cheap toys. That is why I went as the driver. Besides, I got to hang out with my 3 sister-in-laws.
My sil M that lives there and I decided we didn't need to go to Kohl's, so I drop off my other two sil's and we drive to Target because there was some stuff there that we were wanting. We park, see the short line and talk to stay awake. The 2 sil's show up and get in the car with us. It is 5 minutes to 5 and we think we have a good chance of getting stuff at Target. Until we realize that they don't open until 6.
Off to Wal-Mart we go. We have 5 minutes before they open the doors. They have no Supercenters there so it is a small regular Wal-Mart. I again drop off the shopping queens and I go find a parking spot in a neighboring town.
Can I just say that it is insanity? INSANITY!!!!!!!!!
It seemed like there were thousands of people there in a small store. Lines everywhere just to get down the aisles. People fighting over who was there first. Even fighting over the computers. People throwing stuff on the floor because it wasn't what they wanted and not to mention, people invading my space. MY SPACE. I don't like it when complete strangers want a piggy back ride down the aisles. I need my space.
My sil's are like competing for the supermarket sweep contest. They do good. They got all they wanted, with the exception of one thing. We get out of there and drive back to Target. Almost 6 by this time, had to make it there in time.
In time we did. We got there just as they were opening the doors. We park, run in and look for what we wanted.
We get home by 7 and go back to bed. We were tired. All that fighting the crowds gets a girl tired.
It was a fun time, but not something that I enjoy doing. I only went to hang out with my sil's. That was the main reason I went. But I am insane for going out that early instead of staying home under the warm blankets and sleeping.
INSANE I tell you!


Anonymous said...

I think that it's pretty impressive that you made it home by 7 am!!

Kari said...

Did you buy anything? I got everything I wanted and more! Woohoo! Yes, we might be insane but I saved about $100 that I could use elsewhere at Christmas and for that I think it is worth it. I too went to bed at 1:00 only to wake up at 3:00! Yuck! I was sooooo very tired. I usually stay out though all day! I didn't this time.