Thursday, December 18, 2008

A tradition

During the Christmas season, I always try to do things with the boys. You know, traditions.

When I was growing up, our tradition was finding that perfect 'live' tree, then bringing it home, decorating it and then watching that 'live' tree die because we always forgot to water it.

Of course, we also had other traditions. Like baking cookies, making candy, making tamales and eating.

I still do all those with the boys. I sometimes get so behind on what I'm doing that I end up making it all myself.

But one thing that we have done for the last three years is put their hand print on a tree skirt.

I bought some red muslim and cut it out. You Martha's out there would hem and haw and whatever you do to sew and make it look pretty.

I don't. I just cut it. And left it that way. Without being hemmed up. So there.

Anyway, the boys then play with the silver or gold paint before the decide that they have enough paint on their hands and place it on the fabric. AKA the tree skirt.

They have fun doing this and since I'm a sucker for hand prints, I have fun watching it.


Kari said...

that is a cool tradition! Looks like fun.

Tammy Taylor said...

That is a fun tradition. Thank you Secret Santa for the box of goodies. The kids were so excited to see the candy! What fun to get an unexpected box of presents! :]