Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pepita and her Chocolate cake

Pepita looked in the cupboard for the cake mixes. She had to make a cake for the cake walk. They asked her about it a month ago.

"Where are my cake mixes?" she asked the kids
"Remember Mamita?" said one of the kids "we said we wanted to make a birthday cake for the dog and we asked you if we could use the cake mixes. You told us yes."

Oh, Pepita remembered alright. But she thought they had made a cake out of dog food, not cake mix.

"We mixed the cake mix with the dog food and that was the birthday cake" said the children

That could explain why the dog was sick for a month.

"I guess I'll have to make one from scratch" she sighed.

After she kicked all the kids out of the house and locked them out, she started making the cake.

A decadent double layer of chocolate cake made with creamy chocolicius frosting. All made from scratch.

She was finishing up her masterpiece when the baby of the family, Jr., named lovingly after his father Pepito, came asking if he could lick the beaters.

Actually, after 10 kids, names just didn't matter anymore. The last four kids were named Jr. And two of them were girls.

So Pepita gave Jr. the beater and finished frosting the cake.

"Mamita," said Jr. "there is stuff all over your carpet in your bedroom. I tried to clean it but it's not working."

Pepita goes to take a look. Chocolate frosting all over the carpet.

She leaves the finished masterpiece and sets out to take the stains out of the carpet.

When it was time to leave to drop the cake off at the school, Pepita gave it one last lovingly look. Martha Stewart would be proud of her. But not really because she didn't put fancy shmancy stuff on top like Martha would probably do. But then again, Martha doesn't have 10 kids, so there.

She tells the kids to get ready to go run some errands after they drop the cake off. They all gather their coats and bags for fencing class.

Pepita goes to the kitchen to put plastic wrap over the cake when she notices a smudge on the side of the cake. All the way from the top layer to the very bottom of the cake.

She looks around and who is standing there looking at her with the most innocent eyes around?Why Jr. of course.

"Did you lick the frosting off?" she asked

"No" he says shyly with innocence

"Why did you lick the frosting off?" she rephrased the question

"Because it's so good Mamita"

She shooed him off before she would lock him up in the closet for a long time. With his own chocolate cake.

Pepita fixed the cake and put the plastic wrapping on. She then loaded it in the very back of the van.

"It will be safe here" she exclaimed

The kids were loaded in the van and she drove to the school. The lady in charge came out to receive the cake.

When Pepita opened the back of the van, she is dismayed at what she finds.

One of the kids had thrown their bag with their fencing equipment in it, on top of the cake.

The plastic was looking very chocolaty by that time. It no longer protected the cake, it was the cake.

Pepita looked over to the lady who looked at the cake.

Pepita picked up the plastic off of the cake as much as she could and then handed the cake over to the lady.

Smiling, Pepita said, "I hope you enjoy. Gotta go."

And with that Pepita made her grand exit out of the parking lot.

She didn't know why, but she had a feeling that they wouldn't be asking her to make anymore cakes for the cake walk.


Kari said...

Did this happen to you? I know you don't have 10 kids, but . . .?

Megryansmom said...

Hi just stopping over from SITS to wish you a great day.

Anonymous said...

so tell the truth only have 2 kids....not 10....and neither one of them is named JR