Monday, March 10, 2008

Can we race the truck?

We went to run some errands on Saturday. Because Hubster does not usually go shopping with the boys, he doesn't know what to expect. I totally ignore them because I'm used to the "mom, he touched me" "mom, he's spitting at me" "mom, his leg is on my leg" "mom, can we run?" kind of phrases that I hear on our shopping trip expeditions. I'm going to start recording everything they say and then record what my comment would be so that I can just hit the play button and not have to say anything.

I just push my mute button and continue pushing the shopping cart until I find what I need. Hubster will respond to everything. I'm telling you, these trips are fun when it's lunchtime and we adults still can't find what we are looking for. (Do you hear the sarcasm?)

We end up at Lowe's. We are trying to find several items that we need. One of them being the piece of molding for the door frame the boys broke. We go down the list and can't scratch anything off because we can't find it.

Now, I don't know what Lowe's motto is, but it should be "find it at your own risk". We tried asking for help, but the person had no clue and wasn't willing to help much. When we did spot some workers, they saw the "I need help" look on our faces and high tailed it a different direction.

With as many customers there, I simply just wanted to stand in the middle of the store and ask in a loud voice "Does anyone here know where the condoms are?" just to see if I would get any attention. I'm sure Hubster would have dis owned me at that moment. So I stood there, but no words came out. Only the let's get out of here words that had been wanting to come out since I ran into a stack full of windows and almost broke them and then told the boys it was their fault I did it.

We then went to Home Depot. Not much luck finding stuff there either. Although, the workers there were a lot friendlier.

We ended our afternoon at the drag strip. They were having test runs and Hubster wanted to go see his competition. Most of the cars were race cars, you know, the big engine, loud noise, big tires kind of race cars and trucks. But it surprised me to see some family cars out there. When I jokingly said, "wow, we should have entered our truck" the boys took me seriously and wanted dad to go out and race the truck.

Wouldn't we have looked funny out there on the drag strip as a "family" going racing.? I could just hear the boys yelling "go faster dad" as the truck skidded to a stop. No thanks, not this time.

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Loren (Hubster) said...

Racing the truck sounded good to me.