Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's time to do some Spring Cleaning

Yesterday was a beautiful day. It was in the upper 70's so we took advantage of it. We were outside for most of the day.

The garage was in need of some attention, so my goal was to start tackling that. We did school outside and in between sessions, I was cleaning the garage. It was starting to look like a dumping ground.

I threw so much stuff away, that I didn't even know the boys had. But what I found interesting was the stuff that were not toys, but the boys play with. Like an ice chest filled with dirt. When I asked them why, they said it was their sand box. Or a pipe wrapped in electrical tape. Their bat. Or a broken skateboard they didn't want to throw away. It was their sled for when it snows. You'd think we live on Little House on the Prairie.

I send them away to play while I threw away junk. I only got to finish 1/4 of the garage, I still need to go through the rest. But I did get rid of the 'sand box', the 'bat' and whatever other makeshift toy they had.

While finishing school and cleaning, the boys would ride their bikes and show me their tricks. They had showed Hubster and I these tricks last week and we were both surprised to see them do these tricks.

AB's bike is a trick bike, but it is heavier than a regular bike, so he tries to get it off the ground, but that's as far as he can get it up in the meantime.

UB on the other hand is able to get the front of the ground. Scary. But he does wear a helmet and when he feels himself falling backwards, he jumps off.

Both boys also lost a tooth yesterday. Actually, Hubster pulled both teeth out. They were talking to their friend and he told them a story about how he gets $50 for his teeth. This little boys likes to tell stories. When I told him that his tooth fairy was pretty rich, he said that maybe it was $10. That's still steep in this household. So he kept telling them that if they begged, the tooth fairy would hear and she would bring them what they asked for. This tooth fairy ain't budging.

The boys put their tooth under their pillows and they wake up at 1am to look for the money the tooth fairy brought. But guess what? The tooth fairy forgot. The tooth fairy was exhausted from playing with the sand box and the bat and such that she fell asleep. So when the tooth fairy wakes up, she has a hard time going back to sleep. She gets up after about an hour and makes the exchange. The boys wake up again at 7:30 and find their money. They were not dissappointed that it was not $10 or $5, they were excited because they got $1.

Now they want to go spend it. I need to teach these boys about saving. But they sure are going to drive me nuts while they beg me to take them to the store to buy a toy. Maybe I'll pay them another dollar to go make a project outside.

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