Friday, March 14, 2008

Where do bullies come from?

As far as I know, there have always been bullies in the world and always will be. I remember encountering some bullies when I was in school. Those bullies that like to make fun of you for whatever reason, or the bullies that want to beat you up just because.

There was a girl in my 5th grade class that was a bully. I tried to stay away from her as much as possible. When she would aproach me, I would run. Literally. I was a skinny little thing that could run fast. She, on the other hand, was a chunky little girl. Maybe that's why she had issues. Anyway, I knew that during recess, if she was approaching me to bully me, I would run because I knew she wouldn't catch me. I mean, her little stubby legs would move, but not as fast as my long skinny ones. But when we would go back into class, her harassment started again. I always thought I was dead meat.

One day, we were out in the playground and she approached me, I don't remember why I didn't run, but I stayed there. All I remember is her hitting me and me striking back. Boy did it feel good. I didn't get in trouble because I was a teacher's pet and my teacher knew the history of this bully. However, she got in trouble. I don't remember having to run away from her from then on.

Even though we Homeschool, we still encounter some bullies. Not on an everyday basis, but every now and then. Recently, at a practice that AB attends, there were two boys, 8 yrs old, who bullied a 7 yr old in the dressing room. These boys pushed and shoved and told this little 7 yr old stuff and then they threatened him with a knife. The 7 yr old was scared, as I would be, but didn't tell his mom until he got into the car to leave. The mom came back in and talked to the mom of one of the older kids and that mom got mad. Not at the mom for telling her, but at her son.

The coach made them sit out for a month. Just to watch and not play. Then the coach had a nice long talk with them. And I do believe that they got punished at home as well.

On another day, at another of AB's practice, as we were leaving, AB was telling me that a little boy pushed him against the wall in the dressing room. AB couldn't remember what the little boy said, but he apparantly told him some stuff. I got upset and was about to confront the little boy as his mom was no where around. AB's coach said she would handle it.

Then that same bully poked another boy in his chest as he passed him and told him "I still don't like you". The boy looked like he wanted to punch him in the face, but his mom told him that the season would soon be over.

From the first incident with the two boys, I don't think they wanted to actually hurt the boy. Maybe they were just showing off. I'm not really sure, because when you talk to those boys, they are very nice boys. The second incident that involved AB, that boy was definately a bully. He walked around with his chest puffed out. I'm not sure what his home life is like.

I know that I can't protect my sons from the bullies of the world, but I can teach them how to be an example of Christ. AB says that now that he's in karate, he knows how to defend himself. I'm sure he does, but will he remember how when the time comes.

I constantly tell the boys to remember Romans 12:21 "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." This verse seems to have helped them because when AB an UB encounter bullies out at the playground or around, they will come tell me that someone was being mean or someone took something away from them and when I'll say "remember", they'll stop me and say "We know mom, do not fight evil with evil, but fight evil with good."

Then they'll go off to find these same kids that bullied them and next thing you know, they are all friends.

By the way, does anyone know how to get super glue off of your fingertips?

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